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October 16, 2017, 06:03:43 PM
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Sheet 8


inspecting the storage

March 2, 1959 Camp search party in the Upper stream of the river. Auspia. The prosecutor, the criminologist of the Sverdlovsk Region Prosecutor's Office, Ivanov, in the presence of the head of the search party, Comrade Maslennikov (Sverdlovsk, Zavodskaya Str., 32), and Slobtsov Boris Efimovich (Sverdlovsk, Lenin St., 13a, 23) Art. 78 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR, this protocol is as follows: 
On this day, in the upper reaches of the river Auspya, under the pass to the Lozva River, a storage unit (food store) of the Dyatlov group was found.

Labaz is located on the site of the group's overnight stay, it is well closed with cooked firewood, it is covered with cardboard, spruce paws. At the camp the skis are stuck in the snow, one pair, on the toe of the ski there is hung a tattered gait,

Sheet 9

- 2 -

The following amount of products was found during the excavation of the storage: 
1. Condensed milk 2.5 kg.
2. Meat canned in cans 4 kg.
3. Sugar - 8 kg.
4. Butter - 4 kg.
5. Boiled sausage - 4 kg.
6. Salt - 1.5 k. 
7.  Kissel-compote - 3 kg.
8. Oatmeal porridge and buckwheat 7.5 kg.
9. Cocoa 200 g 
10. Coffee - 200 g. 
11. Tea - 200 g.
12. Koreka - 3 kg.
13. Milk powder - 1 kg.
14. Sugar sand - 3 kg.
15. Rusks - 7 kg and Noodles - 5 kg.
16. In addition, it was found:

mandolin, a pair of shoes 41 size, and they wear socks, a pair of warm shoes, a set of fasteners, 2 batteries, mounted with a light bulb

Sheet 10

- 3 -

According to Blinov, warm boots belonged to Dyatlov.
Since the products are not of interest for the investigation, they were transferred to the head of the party, Comrade Maslennikov, as an emergency supply. All the containers from the foodstuffs, as well as the mandolin, 2 pairs of shoes, socks and bindings are withdrawn.
The protocol is read, written correctly.

Maslennikov (signature)

Slobtsov (signature)

Prosecutor criminalist ml. counselor of justice Ivanov (signature)
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