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--- Quote from: Nigel Evans ---If you're working on the software why not have a translate button? ]

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We are not working on anything, these are ready mods that Loose Cannon is installing if they are ready available for SFM forum platform.

--- Quote from: PROXIUS ---Translate as another language option for entire forum OR translate posts only?

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--- Quote from: Nigel Evans ---If you have a "per post" set of buttons why not include translation? From memory Google translate can max out with very large text, per post is faster and more relevant? Regards

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--- Quote from: PROXIUS ---From what I see there is no 'translate per post' possibility but a Google Translation mod which help you to TOGGLE on/off translation for the website. So far what I know is Chrome already doing that so..

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--- Quote from: Nigel Evans ---You’ll get two pieces of code that you need to place on your site. The first piece of code, which is the tag, goes in the header (that is, between the tags) of your HTML pages. The second piece of code, which is in

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--- Quote from: Nigel Evans --- div and script tags, goes where you want the translation banner to appear on your pages. This code determines what the translation banner looks like and how it behaves.

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Shoutbox is not suitable for long expressions. Make a topic, put a link in Shoutbox.

--- Quote from: Nigel Evans ---I haven't used it but you seem to have to embed a banner in your page. Maybe per page?

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I am almost positive that by banner you mean choosing language to language. First of all there is no such mod. And secondly, you Nigel of all people, who criticize Borzenkov for making the effort to translate with Google, why are you suggesting something that you know very well is not good for this case? Wasn't it you complaining that you are fed up with reading that Dubinina's sleeve is interrupted or something of the sort? You want this forum to be inhabited with Woodpeckers, Pancakes, Smokers, Angry, Queen, Revived etc. characters?

--- Quote from: Nigel Evans ---Italics from -

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There is nothing about Italics on this link

--- Quote from: PROXIUS ---Yeah I've seen that implementation maybe they would think about it. Add this to Board Information as feature suggestion maybe?

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I have no idea what are you both talking about. I am not encouraging people to post in different languages. This is not a forum of Babel.

Whoops :P Sorry Teddy. I think we need a general topic for 'Feature Suggestions' for people who have ideas to share in order to help improving the community forum. People can also see it and discuss if it's really necessary or not. In the end you and Loose Cannon can consider if recommended feature is worthy or not.

Ok, I renamed the topic.

Nigel Evans:
Fair comment, but looks like Google have rowed away from a free service. -


--- Quote from: Nigel Evans on July 23, 2020, 03:44:44 AM ---Fair comment, but looks like Google have rowed away from a free service. -

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Apparently Google is resuming support for the Google Translate website translator widget and making it free for non-commercial use.


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