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August 10, 2020, 04:42:37 PM
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Hi everyone,
I'm enry from Rome, Italy and I just wanted to share with you one unusual fact I found when watching the said movie.

First of all let me excuse with everyone if the topic has already been covered before, just in case I gave a quick look and search for related terms but couldn't find anything.

I watched the movie on amaz** prim* vid** (don't know if it's legit to write the full platforms name but I'm sure you understand it anyway) in Italian and at the timing 0h 37m 42s to 0h 37m 45s in the background two figures can be seen moving in the snow and their movement it's not like human but resembles some sort of an animal moving through the snow.

I am writing this because the believed "monsters" or "non human horrific characters" appear later inside the tunnel/bunker which, it's explained in the movie, can only be opened and closed by the outside. So it doesn't make any sense at all. I know it's a movie.and it's fiction but I wondered if anyone else's has been detecting the forementioned two figures running in the background before and if the topic has ever been covered.

Thank you

Thank you

August 14, 2020, 08:58:05 AM
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Hello Enry,

I think that's just bad editing. I checked my DVD and it occurs a minute earlier, and looks to be a couple of sheep or mountain goats photobombing the scene, seen above the actors, and quickly disappearing behind a snow bank. It will have no connection to the story, as daft as it already is.