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Everyone :

I read and searched for clues, knowing that we don't know all parties, including Dyatlov group friends from the University/Clubs that help search...We know University students can be devious and notorious ...and view all photos and messages on Dyatlov Pass Forum ...Igor Dyatlov invented a stove, and you have to remember this is still "Cold War" in Soviet Union/Russia and KGB..and Dyatlov created a stove to used "Alcohol"..which is quite an invention those days...what I'm talking about since blanket, Cambric and photo and unknown dead body....we don't know what Pashin did for two days...only know what Pashin told us in his statement....I believe it was something larger ...Igor Dyatlov created a stove using Alcohol, yes wood was used..but the "IDEA" of not using naturally "GAS", Electricity or Oil....but Alcohol...I believe some of the students were involved with Pashin or without Pashin...sending two images

Igor Dyatlov invented 'Idea" with a stove used with Alcohol in the 50s , Igor knew the Hydro-electro power plants that were being built and we just don't know how intelligent Igor was...All and still today talked about "Tourism" and but you have reminder yourself...Igor did invent "Idea"..
That particular night of camping on 1079 ( dead mountain) and don't exactly know what happen...I do believe that some of the inhabitants of the Ural Mountains..misunderstood Igor of his "idea" ...and I posted a video, which none of the 9 hikers could not do that night, but a misunderstanding of what might of happened in the future of "IDEA"...

Thanks Again
Kathleen Dee Smith
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