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August 08, 2023, 04:28:32 PM
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I entered February 6th for a reason:

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on this particular day regarding a particular photo of :  I (ATMANAKI )  I saw 30° high in the sky a milky white blur about 5-6 moons in diameter and a series of concentric circles. It resembled a halo around the moon in a clear frosty weather. I made a comment to my partner, that's how they painted the moon. He thought and said that in the first there is no moon, and besides, it should be on the other side. From the moment we noticed this phenomenon, it lasted 1-2 minutes, and how long it was there.

Sheet 212

- 4 -

before we noticed it we don't know.

Dyatlov Group photo the same image and the camera was not focused enough to have a clear photo..So Dyatlov Group saw this image
and so did ATMANAKI in his witness testimony case files 209-220 and describes this same incident on February 17, 1959 and no one actual research this incident ...Just Theories.....actual true regarding Powerstation that was built..

Kathleen Dee Smith

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