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--- Quote from: Marchesk on April 30, 2018, 02:19:56 PM ---
Anyway, most of the people who have been to the mountain in winter, including recent authors, have concluded that there couldn't have been an avalanche in that terrain, and my understanding is there never has been a recorded avalanche on that mountain. It's such an obvious explanation, yet the initial investigator never even considered it as a possibility. Seems like it was ruled out right after finding that the tent only had atmospheric snow on it. Instead, it was high wind, then Mansi, then lights in the sky, and then the unknown compelling force.

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My ultimate issue with the avalanche theory is that it does not in fact remotely look like they fell victim to an avalanche. If anything, it looks like snow was shoveled and thrown on top of the tent in the search party photos. THEN what really irritates me is that there's this flashlight that's sitting on top of the snow... not covered by snowfall from the weeks passed. Just on top.

I think those things alone rule out avalanche. I just wish to give Yuri Yudin credit for being highly educated and as the luckiest man alive in the world (if the USSR had a lottery, he needed to be playing it) and closest person to the incident... if he resigned to avalanche why shouldn't anybody else?

In any case, I happened to read it somewhere that in one of his interviews I think with Donnie Eichar? He explained that he could only resolve the mystery with the fear of an oncoming avalanche. I could be completely wrong here. I don't have any of the books and haven't read any of them. Unfortunately, the internet has sensationalized this event into a joke in some cases and it's getting harder and harder to decipher fact from embellishments. Example: the smoked ham and bacon. WHERE WAS THIS HAM AND BACON? I think that's according to McClosky?

I simply wanted to revive many of these older topics that have no discussion on them. They all deserve level-headed discussion among the most passionate and informed sleuths among the ranks.


--- Quote ---The tent was stretched on skis and sticks, hammered in the snow, its entrance was turned to the south, and on this side the stretches were intact, and the stretches of the tent on the north side were torn off and the whole second half of the tent was covered with snow. The tent had an ice ax, an extra pair of skis. On the tent was a Chinese lantern in the unlit state. 9 backpacks, 9 pairs of skis were found in the tent, all of them were under the tent floor, 8 pairs of boots, 3.5 pairs of boots, quilted jackets and many biscuits, half a sack of sugar, a large number of concentrates, cereals, soups, etc. , cocoa, axes, saw, cameras, students diaries, documents and money. At first glance, the tent was covered with snow. It was installed on a platform leveled by the students dug out. A tent with a windy side was torn in the middle part. The bottom of the tent was covered with padded jackets, backpacks and personal belongings of students. In the right corner, near the entrance there was a part of the products: cans of condensed milk, 100 grams of sliced ​​fat, biscuits, sugar, a flask empty from alcohol or vodka, the smell was felt, just like a jar with a drink (poured?) Cooked cocoa was diluted with water and naturally froze, a large knife was found near the fat of a sliced ​​me
--- End quote ---

So which one is it? Was an empty container of vodka found or not?

And I admit, I misread that line into thinking there was no evidence of ham/bacon rather than evidence that they cooked the fatty meat or whatever....

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