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July 02, 2021, 11:46:27 AM
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I'm new to this forum, so am not sure if I'm doing this right.  Also looks like it's been awhile since folks have been talking about the Yeti Theory. Anyone that responds to this post, just be respectful.  I get so sick of weirdo trolls who come into forums just to cause trouble.  I'm actually interested in talking to people who think it was a Yeti/Menk who killed the Dyatlov group. Not interested in being convinced by skeptics or arguing with them.  All the other theories seem pretty weak to me.  Modernized/non-Indigenous folks just can't wrap their heads around accepting that the Bigfoot People are real. 

Here's my thoughts.  I'm American-Indian (aka Native American) and was raised in my culture. I really can't share too much publicly about what we know regarding the Bigfoot Man, but I can assure you that he is real.  Looking at the Menk/Yeti photo taken by one of the Dyatlov group, it is clear to me that that critter is HUGE!  Over 8 feet tall. It was not a Human. 

Hasn't anyone wondered why no indepth photographic analysis by experts has been done on this photo?  The Patterson-Gimlin Film images has been analyzed over and over again.  Almost every documentary on that sighting has some expert analyzing the footage.  Yet, from my considerable browsing of the internet...I have yet to find one truly expert analysis of the Dyatlov Menk photo...and certainly no documentary dedicated to doing such an analysis.  But bizarrely no one seems to notice this? 

From an indigenous perspective...1) given all the warnings the Dyatlov Group received regarding the dangers going up to that "mountain of death", 2) their own writings saying they saw the Snowman/Menk and 3) an actual photo was taken by them of a Menk...yep, I do think a Menk killed them.  I'm getting pretty annoyed at White folks always ridiculing/dismissing Indigenous knowledge regarding such matters. The Native Mansi would know and Jesus...the Dyatlov Group even said they had seen the "Snowman" and took a photo of it.

Makes me think the Russian Oligarchs were and are acting just like the American Oligarchs. If they ever admit that the Bigfoot Man is real, then a movement to protect his habitat would begin and they wouldn't be able to get at all the timber and mining wealth.  But all these supposed "experts" on Dyatlov that we keep seeing in documentaries...lack the balls to fess up and admit that it was indeed likely a Bigfoot Man that killed these people.  And these experts sure as heck aren't going to do a real photo analysis of the Dyatlov Yeti photo.  Even if they were willing...some very powerful interests with influence over the media companies overseeing their shows/expeditions don't want them to touch the Menk Theory.  BTW, here in the USA, there are numerous Native American stories of Bigfoot groups up in the Pacific Northwest that were cannibals and would kidnap/kill humans. 

Anyway, I'd love to see a very thorough analysis of the Menk Photo...including someone getting ahold of the type of camera used, studying how it would take that photo, how that might work into determining distance from the photographer etc. Also an analysis on body structure configuration/size etc, would be helpful.  You know proportions.  That critter was a Bigfoot Man and was HUGE.  My opinion and thoughts. 

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American Kevin

July 03, 2021, 11:40:27 AM
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Really interesting what you have to say, although a shame you're not able to share more about your culture's knowledge of the Yeti/Menk.   I try and stay open minded about everything as the world is a strange place with so much we don't know.   I find the photo not clear enough to be able to say for sure what or who it could be.  Some people are sure it is one of the group or maybe someone following them.  Have to agree with you about an in depth analysis of it.  What makes you so sure it was the Yeti/Menk if you don't mind me asking?
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July 03, 2021, 02:01:45 PM
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Again, not trying to debate or defend my position. Hoping to meet folks who have looked into the Menk Theory and know of some indepth analysis of the photo. I'd just be repeating myself in this reply. I already said why I believe it was a Menk. Thanks for your reply though. I do find it very curious that most folks totally avoid doing a real investigation/analysis of the photo...and no one comments about it. You'd at least think that the serious Bigfoot Researcher folks out there who are always in documentaries etc...would be all over it. Using the best tools, technology and science. This photo has been available for a long time, yet nada has been done. These experts don't even talk about doing an analysis. Yet Patterson-Gimblin and other photos/footage have been examined a gazillion times. This silence is very very weird and it indicates to me that prominent researchers have been told by powerful forces to steer clear of it.
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American Kevin

July 03, 2021, 02:10:16 PM
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How did the attack unfold?

It looks like they photographed this creature in the forest, was this on the day before the last, in the upper Auspiya valley?

This is during the day, and after sunset they set a campfire and wrote about that in the diaries, but they don't mention seeing the creature. However, maybe it was only visible for a short time and they weren't sure if they captured it on photo or not...

Then the next day, assume they camped where the tent was found on the slope of Kholat, is that where the creature attacked them? They flee towards the forest but it kills some of them... Do the others successfully hide somewhere but later die due to the cold? There were some who had no serious injuries.

And none of the autopsies mention bite or claw marks. Does this creature use tools?

The fact that those with most serious injuries were found next to a freshwater source, a stream, does maybe hint at an attack by an animal that might have been there to drink and was surprised and scared by the hikers... But in this scenario leaving the tent is not explained.

Territorial behaviour might result in attacks but most likely such a large creature that is never seen lives deep in the forest and not on the exposed icy slope. So why would it follow them and attack on the slope? Perhaps it smelled food?

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July 03, 2021, 02:23:32 PM
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Regarding the photo itself, and I'm not an expert at all, what I can guess is that it was taken facing South, because the prevalent wind is from the West, and you can deduce the wind's direction and thus West is to the right, based on the pattern the snow is deposited on that tree trunk.

And because light also seems to be coming from the same direction, West, the photo was taken in the afternoon.

As for the figure, I think it would be hard to tell much based on this photo. Could be a human or an ape. The only strange thing is that the entire face is dark, darker than the upper body. However on some other photos, the hikers can be seen wearing a "mask" against the cold wind, and if I remember correctly Igor's mask is made of a dark material and maybe others too.

No obvious human equipment like a hat, backpack etc are discernible on the figure but there is a markedly darker area near the left hip... did any of the hikers have clothing that was darker there?

Apart from that the only other thing I can observe is that the photo seems to be taken from almost exactly the eye level of the creature so based solely on that I would guess it has the same height as a human.
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July 03, 2021, 05:51:15 PM
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I appreciate some of your observations. The snow on tree etc. I'd encourage you to look at the post here in this thread put up by the guy who compared the Menk image to a proportional image of the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) superimposed over the Menk. In that you can clearly tell that the Menk had to be taller (around at least a foot and half). That Bigfoot man was at least 8 feet tall. Given the crushing injuries on the ones killed via kinetic violence, it was powerful strikes and grasping that killed them. Why would Bigfoot men have claws? The Menks weren't killing to eat these people so of course no bite marks. One of them did rip out a tongue and some eyes. Delicacies. My Tribe eats raw kidneys and livers and we eat cooked tongues and intestines. The Navajos eat deer eye balls. Many tribes in North America used to eat raw hearts. I eat cooked heart all the time. Allot of blood was found in the belly of the victim whose tongue was ripped out, indicating that she was still alive when it occurred. Another guy in this thread gave really good analysis of the crushing blows. Id encourage you to find his posts. Finally, the hikers did 1) write about the Snowman and that it lived by that mountain, 2) they kept taking photos of the forests as if they were trying to get photos of the Menk/Menks stalking them, 3) they had cut slits in the tent facing the forests as look-out holes, and opted to camp exposed like that to 4) keep an eye on the Menk who had been stalking them. Thus they didn't want to camp in the timber which under those weather conditions would make the most sense. BTW, in Tribal teachings from various Native American Tribes...some groups of Bigfoot men are aggressive. Others aren't. Also, they aren't animals. They are another form of man and are generally intelligent. The Mansi knew that area as Menk territory and that that specific group/tribe of Menk violently defended it. These youthful and somewhat ethnocentrically arrogant Russian hikers violated both Mansi Holy Sites (walking through and taking photos) and also forbidden Menk territory. They certainly upset the Mansi Tribal Spirits and also the Menks. But like I said, I'm not here to debate. Im hoping to talk with someone who believes the Yeti Theory and has some legit analysis of the Menk photo. That said, thanks for your good insights. I just gave you some American Indian ones.
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American Kevin

November 25, 2021, 07:47:25 PM
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Lots of legends from around the World of strange creatures and goings on. No conclusive proof though. Same with UFO's, plenty of experiences but no conclusive proof. Its not for want of trying. Many people have investigated such phenomena, including governments. And maybe governments are holding things back, maybe they know more than they are willing to divulge.