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Author Topic: Soviet Military & Menk Coverup  (Read 12335 times)

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July 17, 2021, 03:23:51 PM
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Just posted this here in one of the other Yeti threads:

Thanks guys. Ill check out the article. For me it really comes down to their crushing/mpact injuries, the warnings of the Mansi, the hikers own writings about the Menk, the Menk photo and the removed tongue which we know was ripped out while she was still alive. Mansi said Menk ate deer tongue...which my tribe and many others do btw. But we cut it out. What human or Soviet soldier could rip out a human tongue and why would they? Especially when the victim was still alive? I heard some chatter that the older member who joined the expedition last minute could have been KGB. I really think its possible that the Soviets were indeed testing new munition technologies there. Its the perfect location due to a complete vaccum of humans at the "Mountain of the Dead" and "Don't Go There". Maybe the hikers had been intentionally allowed to go there by the USSR Government for some type of testing purposes?  Basically to see how 1) said technology would effect human subjects or to 2) have recorded uniformed observant testimonials to learn how such technology would be interpreted by an enemy. Thus a KGB guy was sent along to keep tabs. Ok, but what I think then happened is that the USSR Military/Gov couldn't even imagine that the stated reason why this area was never visited by the indigenous people (Mansi)...was actually real and not a myth. A tribe of very violent and territorial Menks really did live there. All this munition testing thus got them very riled up. So when they finally see some humans...it really pissed them off. Even then, perhaps the attack wouldn't have happened...if it hadn't been for the Military Munitions tests occuring while the hikers were a present. The ladt photos clearly show lights that could have been such tests. If the case, at that point...all bets were off. The Menk associated this violent testing activity...which they didn't understand...as being created by the Dyatlov 9. Mansi said those Menk killed people anyway when they entered that territory. But exploding munitions going off when the hikers were actually there lead to several of them being killed on the spot by the Menk.  BTW, the hikers were killed in the very manner that a massive ape/man primate creature would kill an enemy.  Crushing blows and powerful strikes. The other survivors not attacked directly by the Menks then died from exposure. If USSR Soldiers had violently killed the original 4 or 5...why would they then leave the rest alone for a considerable time to scavenge the dead and then freeze to death? Also does anyone really believe that little Mansi people on skis during horrible Ural weather or men from other locations...who also have been on skis...would be able to generate suck crushing blows? Why wouldn't humans just stab or shoot the hikers? The snow looked deep too. Have any of you guys ever ran in deep snow in extreme sub-zero temps as the wind was blowing...during complete night time darkness to boot? Im from South Dakota...one of the coldest places on Earth during the winter with horrible conditions. Im telling you now...humans on skis or on foot in snow couldn't generate the crushing force needed to kill these people. Shoot...its likely impossible for any human...under any weather conditions...to kill someone like that. As for the munitions doing it...did the corpses have shrapnel in them? Were there horrible external injuries that should align with such explosions? Im telling you...the Soviet Military realized Menks were real after this event, but of course couldn't reveal their technology or the fact that they may have intentionally sent young people there to basically be used/tested on. The Menk appears to me to be the most likely theory. And certain interests are determined that this theory not be investigated. Thus the failure for any real forensic study of the purported Menk photo ever being conducted...not even by Big Foot researchers. A gazillion high tech studies of the Patterson-Gimblin film..nada for the Dyatlov Menk photo. Why? Unlike Patterson-Gmblin...the Soviet Military was involved in events at Dyatlov Pass.
American Kevin