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Yuri Krivonischenko's letter to Igor Dyatlov and Group


Hello everyone!

Happy New Year, friends-tourists!
Wish to let you
Overnight at the edges of the distant, Hikes
through the wild mountains.

Backpacks, by tradition, light,
Weather - good always.
In the winter - not very frosty,
And in the summer - so as not to heat.

To the bastard you are not so tormented,
So that your sugar is not wet,
When on the river of ebullient I'll
have to go to the threshold.

Trousers to be wounded not to shreds,
So that you can go, patched up.
From the dried jacket only
remained not only the sleeve.

So that your boots are worn for a
year - and dozens of years.
And there was on the map of Russia,
More of your tracks.


And now on the merits.
In the campaign from the 22nd I go for certain if the frost below -30 will last no longer than 5-10 days, i.e. will remain about 10 days for the end of the urgent work at the end of which I go in general, and without an end - the administration does not let go.
At frosts below -30 and 5 points of the wind, outdoor work, i.e. the ones that we do not need to do, as well as at -40 without the wind.
Nikola Thibaut probably knows about this.
Now do not work 2 days, how many will not work yet - depends on frosts.
I am still interested in the issue of equipment - what of public equipment should I take, and what can I not take. Also interested in the situation in Sverdlovsk with photographic films, I do not have any.
Kolka Popov wrote about our hike. He knows. Now I'll write again. If he has the slightest opportunity, he will certainly be with us.
I have a good mood, good health, good health, I will be in Sverdlovsk between 10 and 20 January. Communication - through the TURSE turicection, tk. Immediately upon arrival I will come to the institute.
Like this.
I wonder what changes took place in the composition of the group, who has gone and who has arrived.       
In general, I'm always with you, and if I'm not until the 20th (which is almost impossible), then on the 20th you will receive a telegram from me.   
Now in the sense of finance.
When, where, to whom and how much to send?
I will bring a certificate of health status with me.
Numbers of 29-30th December we have a medical examination
(physical culture) there and take.
That's all I can tell you.
In conscience, I missed the camp life and I dream of a hike as a great good.
I have my own skis.         Hello to all the tourists .


PS In the preparation of the campaign do not forget to take into account the
mandolin (this is in the sense if), because I already play a little and probably will be N. Popov.


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