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Bombs spiked with Sr-90

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--- Quote from: gypsy on March 05, 2019, 06:57:09 AM ---Could have been anything banned by international treaties, including chemical, biological weapons or what was already mentioned above. Chemical or biological weapons don't necessarily require a a strong explosion, the desired effect is not to destroy infrastructure or buildings, enemy weapons etc. All of that was possible to rule in or out by chemical analyses if they were conducted at proper time.No sure what traces would have remained after 60 years.

Without taking actual samples, it would be interesting to know who exactly was in charge of the confiscation of evidence, imposing the no-go zone in the area, what inventory is missing from the scene, who Ivanov spoke to in Moscow etc. It could tell us what departments or personnel was interested in case and why.

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If one is testing a chemical or biological dispersal weapon, it would be reasonable to spike it with Sr-90 and detonate it in an uninhabited area as a way to quantify the dispersal pattern. This could be done with either inert simulants or with the actual chemical or biological agent.

Hearing an airplane or an incoming missile or shell could easily draw some of the hikers from their tent, get people to grab their cameras, start putting on a boot, etc. An actual device detonating nearby could then induce panic such that they cut their way out and leave the area, looking for shelter.

I'm not terribly attached to the idea that it has to be a thermobaric bomb. My thoughts in that direction were that the four hikers in the ravine had various internal injuries without external damage, so I was wondering if a thermobaric bomb could produce overpressure that could do it. Are there other plausible explanations for these injuries? I thought there was reason to think they couldn't be caused post-mortem, say, by being crushed by the weight of snow in the ravine.

Still, the thing I don't like about this is that Sr-90 implies the military is going to come back and survey. If they did, and found the hikers' bodies, I think it likely that they'd make the bodies and the tent disappear.

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Uninhabited area  !  ?  The USSR Military just didnt pick any old uninhabited area in which to unleash NUCLEAR WEAPONS. And they would have made certain that no expeditions were in that particular area.


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