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Star man:

--- Quote from: Loose}{Cannon on August 23, 2019, 09:59:52 AM ---Found it.... Read all pages of this.

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Ok thanks will have a look when I get a chance


Star man

Be sure to start on page 1.....  I linked to page 6 earlier.


--- Quote from: Loose}{Cannon on August 15, 2019, 08:20:00 AM ---There is some good reading there...  right off the bat on the first page.

--- Quote ---VK: Allow me? The fact is that according to Matveeva's book the autopsy was done in Ivdel. She says that the autopsy was not done in Ivdel. It was a preliminary preparation for them, probably for an autopsy ... And the autopsy was done somewhere else, it was not known where. Or maybe in the city hospital ...
PI: No, they did not do it in the city. They were sent to Sverdlovsk by airplanes.
VK: No, it wasn't in Sverdlovsk, according to the book that they did it in Ivdel.
PI: We washed them here ...
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This is consistent to having read they washed them with some type of alcohol.... They brought in a 55 gal drum to do it.  From what I recall, one of these nurses stated it had a strange color reaction with the clothing and bodies. An article I have on file somewhere suggests this was a reaction with the methanol they were exposed to.

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I guess it could be consistent with having been washed in alcohol, but I get the impression that the former nurse is simply talking about washing the bodies in preparation for burial.  She mentions that they were all very dirty, and that new clothes had to be bought for them.  And she seems to have the idea that the bodies were washed, dressed in fresh clothing, and then put directly into the coffins.  She seems a bit confused by the questions about autopsies.

Per Inge Oestmoen:

--- Quote from: bertie on August 12, 2019, 01:31:03 AM ---
A further modification is that, regardless of what glorious role might have been promised to Zolotaryov, being a WWII ex-soldier perhaps he had a 'moment of clarity' (and self-preservation) when he saw a distant floating light and informed the group they were actually all likely to die if they didnt seek shelter.  That would get them out of the tent, yes?

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That scenario does not explain the injuries, which tell the tale: The nine students were attacked by determined assailants who forced them out of the tent. Things did however not go exactly to plan. Even if the killers had ensured that their nine victims left the tent without proper clothing, they did not die soon from exposure since the temperature was not sufficiently low. These students were skilled mountaineers, and tried to survive. The attacking squad were on a mission, quite possibly with a helicopter in wait. Therefore, the attacking squad had to hunt their victims down. Hence the injuries that all are consistent with human attack and only human attack.

There are no indications that Zolotaryov had any sinister role in the event, and there is no indication that any of these students were anything else than loyal Soviet citizens.

However, they were all bright people who could understand what they observed, and if they observed something - some kind of activity - in the Urals which they were not supposed to know about they would be a potential threat to the security of the state.

To eliminate a potential threat to the state, the staging of an "accident" is a well known method.


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