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Jean Daniel Reuss:

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.............. how did the snowmobiles operate amongst the trees ?..............

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                     Comment only on the subject  : " ยง8 Snowmobiles "  . See :
And a beautiful collection of aerosanis, previously reported by Teddy:

I think that an aerosani could not - and cannot - move efficiently on the slope of the Kholat Syakhl, which is too steep for this kind of vehicle.

I will be pleased to change my opinion when you will have found a testimony or a photo showing a moving aerosani outside of a flat and horizontal terrain.

Moreover near the cedar or the Den the passage of any vehicle would have left visible traces, i.e. broken branches. This would necessarily have been noticed by the rescuers who employed Mansi hunters.

I am wondering why simpatisers of the murder theory prefer sticks and real motive like political statement/hiding something seen/personal vendetta?

I never knew what snowmobiles have been available at the time and my first thoughts about the broken ribs and heads was helicopter. Then I found that it is impossible for a helicopter to go lower than 2m in 1959.
Taking into consideration that VoZrozdeniy have described the fractures like from a bomb, high fall, car crash (he uses compression as a terminology if I remember correctly) and than seeing this:

Plus all else shown as photograph in the link posted here. My personal thinking is going to lean towards high personal passing incidently with a snowmobile through the tent. (The author of the theory suggest hunt but I find it too much). Ravine 4  die, the others are witnesses and are taken out of the tent plus hand fight occuring.
Authorities know fr 6th and probably  have punished the responsibles. The search  after 26th knows nothing exept few and concludes odd things. The coroner reports are very visible with scratched places in very important places like about Dubinima hiod bone (broken ?? scratched) replaced by "unsual mobilility". No need to quote the autopsies here . I found them hushed as much as I read them.
In the snowmobile topic there is and argument that these snowmobiles were not able to climb the hill. Can someone clarify this ?
I don't believe of moving the tent because we have the last photo of the group digging with a ski pole in an exact same position as it stays in the photos of the found tent. This is impossible to be staged.

I recommend you go up one level in the forum and find the Snowmobile thread and re-post your query there. Great photo BTW.

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