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Title: Who is Who
Post by: Teddy on May 19, 2021, 11:56:50 PM
We released the WHOIS (https://dyatlovpass.com/whois) database in both English (https://dyatlovpass.com/whois) and Russian (https://dyatlovpass.com/whois-ru), as well as a database with Russian Abbreviations (https://dyatlovpass.com/russian-abbreviations) I had to hunt down while translating anything from Russian e.g. case files, articles and Igor Pavlov's manuscript. I am sure these will come handy while navigating through Russian literature in general. The gallery PEOPLE (https://dyatlovpass.com/people) contains both past and modern times individuals, you can tell by the photos, all names can be looked up in the WHOIS (https://dyatlovpass.com/whois) database. It goes without saying any additional information and corrections are welcome.

(https://dyatlovpass.com/resources/340/Dyatlov-pass-whois.png) (https://dyatlovpass.com/whois)