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My short take on murder.

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I see that there are replies concerning no intervention by humans.
May I ask why the area around the tent was 'swept' clean as mentioned in searchers statements and footprints didnt start until 20m from the tent.
Also the injuries from the Autopsy reports definitively point to a fist fight involving the Dyatlovs.
Of course there was human intervention and to ignore these facts is ignoring the true essence of the case.

I forgot motive.
Again only speculation, I will admit that, but lets take this quote from the interview of the hunter Stepochkin , "“But we don't need to hide anything. We are the masters here. And if someone takes something, we will still find it."
Not only does it suggest the Dyatlovs removed something belonging to the mansi but maybe they desecrated a mansi shrine etc.
It also goes a long way to answering why no money or other items were removed.
The mansi reovered what was theirs, exacted revenge and left.
Simple, end of story according to their ways.

It was explained in the book by Teddy and Pavlov that these charges that were set preceded in a linear movement up a slop or along a line nd were these done in daylight or daylight and nighttime?

This means that the Dyatlov tourists would have to have heard this happening the blasting prior to a nearby tree falling on them. What are the chances that some of the group made it out of the tent and got to the open area where Zine, Rustem and Dyatlov were found. Could this explain Rustems icy shell? I still wonder if they were found alive, approached, battle ensues and then left for dead. Rustem was still warm when he his body went down in the snow in that clear area above the tree line.

Motive isn't necessary to see what happened here. The injuries say it all.

Saltyseadog hit it out of the park.


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