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Menk Face...Zoomed in and clearly Simian

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So Larisa from Russia or a Kenhee from the UK. (not clear who posted it) shared a good photo of the Menk in which they were able to make the face become more apparent. I'd encourage everyone to check out their other posts in the Yeti Theory thread in which they do a proportional comparison between the Menk and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. However he/she didn't zoom in on the face. I'm posting their original version with my zoomed in version. I'm also sharing a couple versions with the lighting altered to make it pop. It's clearly a simian like face. Not human. Also, based on their proportion comparison with the Rock...this Menk was around 8 feet tall. Clearly not a man.

For once, until no one has proven that the Yeti exists, it doesn’t exist.

Thanks for your ethno-centric harassment which qualifies as racism. I specifically asked those who don't believe in the Menk to not respond to my posts. I've reported you to moderator. DON'T WRITE ME AGAIN!

This is not about any racism. It’s just an indisputable fact that every thing until we have solid evidence is just speculation. Just like for the Yeti, this is true of UFOs, the Loch Ness monster, all folklore and fairytale creatures, and so on. No offense.

And something else. I am not writing this to you, but to a forum created for the democratic exchange of different opinions. If you don’t understand, it’s about freedom of speech.


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