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The Abandoned Town In Alaska That Most People Stay Far, Far Away From
In an area so pristine and picturesque, it’s hard to imagine that a place with such a dark and sinister history would even exist. Well, it just so happens that Port Chatham on the Kenai Peninsula is one of the creepiest abandoned towns in the last frontier. In fact, most people wouldn’t go near this place even if you paid them to do so. With abundant reports of bigfoot-like sightings and a history of dead bodies washing up on shore, sometimes it’s better to just leave some stones unturned. It is positively undeniable that the Kenai Peninsula is one of the most beautiful regions in the last frontier. With a seemingly unlimited amount of mountains, glaciers, wildlife and charming small towns, there is simply so much to love and so little to hate.But the old cannery town of Port Chatham (otherwise known as Portlock) is one hauntingly chilling place that we will stay far, far away from. In fact, pretty much anyone who knows anything about this place will likely agree.This tiny remote area is located on the Kenai Peninsula, most nearby to the well-known town of Homer far outside of Kachemak Bay State Park.So what is it about this place that gives people the heebie jeebies? It has been said by early settlers that they were driven away by supernatural causes and an unexplained evil spirit.In fact, they believe that an evil spirit (whom some claim to be a Sasquatch-like creature) was haunting their every move. This 'evil spirit' was described as being a massive, hairy manlike creature that walked on two legs.This remote place in the middle of the ocean was first inhabited in 1787 as part of the British Royal Navy. After the first post office was established in the 1920s, it was said that the evil spirit or creature haunted the nearby mining camp of Chrome, which is abandoned today because this evilness was said to walk on two feet, that diminished the odds of it being a more predictable predator such as a bear or a wolf. Many claim that it was Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch. It is also said that there were many trees throughout the area that were completely ripped out of the ground and turned upside down, with the roots facing up into the air. This was thought to be more proof that whatever this evil creature was, it was too powerful for any human or village to stop.During the 1940s, at the height of World War II, bodies in and around Portlock began turning up in nearby rivers, lagoons and trails near the town. These bodies were said to be completely mutilated and essentially torn to shreds. People also began disappearing out of nowhere and never returning home, for years on end.By the 1950s, locals were sick and tired of living in fear so they completely fled the town and left it abandoned. Years later when hunters returned, it is said that they reported seeing 18-inch long human-like footprints with patterns similar to a deer or wolf. Pretty creepy, huh? We aren't brave enough (or crazy enough) to ever visit this chilling place. How about you? Would you visit and test our the theories for yourself?

Hello Sarapuk, I enjoyed your article on Port Chapman in Alaska. I was married on the Homer Spit on Kachemak Bay in 1993. I have been to Seldovia a few times but never to Port Chapman. Port Chapman is at the head of the Cook Inlet and has some of the strongest tides in the world. On occasion they have a Bore Tide  (tidal bore)which is a very unusual thing to see.

Port Chapman is nothing but a ghost town, literally. I have never been there and wouldn't go, too many bad stories about that area. One thing about this forum is there are too many scientific theories but the spiritual theories are scorned. If you live in Alaska you do not make fun of anyone who says they have see, heard or felt Sasquatch. I personally know a father and son fisherman who were on a river having a leisure time fly fishing and they saw a Sasquatch. These are serious, tough guys. The son used to surf in Alaska, if that tells you anything. I once talked with a ranger down near Hyder, Alaska who got very serious when he described what he saw, a huge hairy man walking upright on two legs up a mountain walking very fast, definitely not a brown or black bear. This ranger was also very serious and not easily scared. He worked everyday among huge brown bears, sometimes these bears would walk down the main town street.

Hello Ridgewatcher. I can imagine what it must be like in those parts. Very remote and very big country. Many legends. Interesting to learn that there are many Russian  descendants of  the Russian peoples who used to live in that part of the World before Russia sold Alaska to the USA. As you must be aware there are not many who subscribe to the BIGFOOT type creature on this Forum. Or if they do they prefer not to say so. Its understandable. I guess. Unless I had have seen a CROP CIRCLE being formed in the early 1970's I guess I might have been sceptical of them, thinking that they may be man made.

Several years ago, I watched a documentary on tv about Port Chatham.  I found it very interesting.

Nigel Evans:
Interesting parallels with the Kompolen "spirit" of the Mansi that sometimes appears as a large hairy man like creature, sometimes violent. The Chinese have their own sasquatch. There's some good youtube videos of these creatures (although probably a lot of hoaxes as well).
Imo drone technology is going to answer this question one day.


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