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The Death of Lisa Lamb

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One mystery that's been "famous" is the Death of Lisa Lamb

The thing about this case is the police have released almost everything to the public. Autopsy reports, police testimonies, Pictures even a clip and so on. The hotel where it happened is in itself a mystery. The Cecil Hotel has housed several serialkillers during the years and there I a LOT of mysterys.

Lisa Lamb https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Elisa_Lam (there is a lo

Seems like murder to me.  Someone had to close that heavy lid on the tank. 

I Agree

The link below is very useful. It could have been murder or an accident or suicide, etc. The hole on top of the water container was just about big enough for her to go through and the hole cover looks to be fairly lightweight so she could have easily pulled that closed behind her if she went in deliberately. Or workers could have seen it open and closed it etc etc.  Its another case.


Mayur negi:
There is a myriad of mysteries surrounding Elisa Lam’s death. Moreover, her death brings up a plethora of questions, like why was she acting weird in the elevator? Nobody knows exactly about the mystery. Check out some more facts about Elisa lam's death.


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