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Unknow diary 01.02.1959

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Three basic elements that support each other in order for people to hold on to life; food/drink, shelter and heating. Well, far from civilization, which ones do we have? The altitude increased, the sheltered forest left behind. We are on the northeastern slope of Kholat. Weather -20. night-40. Why are we here guys? Maybe out of necessity, maybe that's how we wanted it. Just now, Otorten was smiling at us in all his glory from afar. Now it's lost in the fog and storm. We have a big tent and enough food for days. We only have very limited wood. Yurko filled our stove with as much wood as he could take. Semyon and Liyutmila got very cold and complained about this imprudence... We are pitching our tent here. The children are digging the hardened snow with great effort, I guess it will take a long time. Igor couldn't take it anymore. Semyon and Tibo will carry any dry wood they can find to the tent before they go deeper into the forest. Liyutmila joined them. They will be back in an hour. They promised to be here for dinner. Igor said he will put a lit lantern at the top of the tent for the signal. The snow is very hard and the children got off very easily. We are in the tent now. The people inside are busy taking off their heavy boots as soon as possible. Blankets are warm. Yurko will take care of the stove soon. That's all for now. 01.02.1959

Perhaps the Dyatlov case will never be solved as there will be no new evidence. All we can do is hypothesize and this requires creativity like this diary entry from you. Love it!

I also want to point out, some of these necessary elements for life are not needed immediately, for example one can survive for days without food or shelter. But water and heat are needed very soon, and herein lies a problem. Without a fire or stove, they could not have water on the slope. They would have had nothing to drink. Even if they had thermal flasks (which aren't in the inventory as far as I know), with tea they made in the Auspiya valley in the morning where they had fire, these would be enough only for the evening and they would go thirsty in the morning. This is one additional reason why I think it made no sense for them to camp on the slope.

I guess if they had written a diary that day, they wouldn't have talked about food. But they would have talked about fire. Because they talked a lot before. can starve for days to enter the record book, but you can think about how to delay the food you need to take during the breaks of a difficult track. Also, water is the easiest thing to get there. It was snowing while digging a place for the tent. They worked for 1 hour and sweated. I'm assuming it was -15 degrees outside. The blankets were unfolded when we entered the tent, and even though the stove was not yet lit, they had reached a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. What is strange about Siberian children taking off their thick coats and wet boots in this environment?

I think -15C is a good assumption. How to get water there? The only ways I can think of is: melt snow, which needs a heat source, or go down to the stream in the forest and drink there. Maybe bring back water, though it might freeze on the way.

And if it's -15 outside, it's going to be the same inside the tent, without heating. Just as cold, only less windy. That they wouldn't have undressed in the unheated tent is not my thought, I'm just repeating it, it comes from Yuri Kuntsevich.

Dear Manti. What I want to tell is the value of the ambient temperature felt by the wind. If the normal temperature is -10, it can be felt at -25 degrees with the effect of the wind. If we cut the wind (this is possible with a tent), we can see -5 degrees with the body temperature clustering when we go inside. We have a stove and 5 kilos of wood. We can melt the snow and make water. We can also stay dehydrated until morning. Lozva is 10 km down and we Also, we can't agree on undressing. They only take off their outerwear coats that they used for walking. Again, they have a few layers of trousers and a sweater. be skiing in the morning.


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