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It looks more like 1 meter to me. It might be a toilet hole they are digging and not the actual tent foundations.. Also the wind blows the snow like the desert sand dunes. Hence the raised foot prints. The level of snow changes.

I think Colonel Ortyuko asked for strong men to dig the hard snow in the ravine. This suggests that there was a snow collapse on top of the ravine 4 as this was where the snow was hardest. This is what we see when snow ploughs compact snow at the side of the road or where snow falls from a sloped roof top.


The snow looks soft in the photo, the backpack has sunk into it:

This indicates recent new snowfall (i.e. they are in a blizzard). But they seem to have  dug through the hard layer below this soft new snow. One of them seems to be using a ski for this? There may be rocks or pieces of ice under the snow, isn't this a bit careless?

The conditions of snow in the ravine in May, when it has been regularly above freezing point for a number of days (at least during the day), is going to be completely different. It wouldn't be "nast" (firn in English?), like on the slope, I don't think it's even snow. It's going to be a kind of slush, there's heat from above (air above 0C), from below (stream), it's going to partially melt the stuff and make it waterlogged, therefore more heavy, but partially a melted. Maybe the top layer then freezes during the night? Anyway it could be harder to dig as it's heavier

Hi cib ,

You have 1.5 meters in the middle photo. What does this 1.5 meters represent?

"profundidad" = depth?

But I don't think it's anywhere near accurate. On the other photo of the same activity it can be seen that the hole is "half a person" deep because the edge of the snow is at the waist of the person standing in the hole. So unless our hiker were 3 meters tall...


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