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Measuring contamination in biological samples - Tables 1 and 3

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--- Quote from: Nigel Evans on February 25, 2021, 02:12:46 PM ---Carbon14 is produced naturally high in the atmosphere and then falls slowly to earth to be absorbed by plants, hence it's use in carbon dating. Mountains by forcing air over the top of them might collect more of this C14 than the ground in general (wind eddies, more precipitation). This same mountainous ground will then receive more precipitation/melting creating runoff which will collect and concentrate in streams and gullies. So the mud at the bottom of the same can contain unusually high levels of the beta emitter C14.

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It is definitely true that atmospheric C-14 is produced in atomic bomb tests, and C-14 is a beta emitter. There is fascinating research enabled by using the spike in C-14 caused by atmospheric testing, which fell off after the Limited Test Ban Treaty forbade atmospheric, underwater, and outer space tests, and most nations instead did all nuclear testing underground. See

However, we know the clothing was tested with STS-6 thin metal walled Geiger tubes. These tubes are not sensitive to C-14.

C-14 is actually a problem in labs because Geiger counters can't detect accidental spills. For example, this website discusses safety issues when using C-14. Note the section on detection.

Some superb input there, very interesting.

Did all the clothes that tested positive for radiation belong to (not worn by) Krivonischenko?

Thank you, all!!  This is helping to give me a better picture!!


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