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Protocol of inspection of things found at the scene of the incident


Sheet 11


inspection of things found at the scene.

Ivdel, 5-6-7 March 1959.

Prosecutor criminalist of the Prosecutor's Office of Sverdlovsk region, ml. counselor of justice Ivanov in accordance with Art. 78 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR made this protocol in the fact that in the presence of the head. Department of Physical Training UPI Vishnevsky and correspondent. Yarovoy Y. presented Yudin Yuri Efimovich, a 4th-year student of the UPI (Sverdlovsk, 8 student building, room 531) of the things found in the area of ​​the tourists' tent of the Djatlov group, near the fire at the corpses of Krivonischenko and Doroshenko, as well as clothing available on the discovered corpses.

Yudin Yu.E. was suggested, based on personal impressions, entries in the diaries of the participants in the hike, and by examining all things to determine the belonging of things to one or another participant in the hike.

As a result of inspection of things Yudin Yu.E. stated that in his opinion things belong to the following persons:

(before the real inspection by the search party things were randomly arranged on backpacks)

1. Presumably Kolmogorova Zinaida belongs to:

a) the backpack is black, old, is repaired on the side pocket. There is a toothbrush wrapped inside, a bandage, a letter from Berezniki to Z. Kolmogorova, a piece of soap tied in a rag, a new box

Sheet 12


matches, a black electric flashlight, a coil of black threads, a light soap dish with a slice of toilet soap, two jars of dry milk with a set of medications, a first-aid kit (bandages, cotton, iodine), a film, an iron jar from under the tooth powder, and it contains a set of medicines. Yudin said that, leaving the group from the 2nd Northern Section, he transferred all these medicines to Z. Kolmogorova.

Z. Kolmogorova also owns: wool socks with the color almost black (dyed), white woolen socks, mended cloak-tent, woolen blue mittens with brown pattern, cotton, blue mittens such as "leggings", woolen dark brown mittens, sheathed cloak -Palatka (old), slippers woolen homemade, new, on the sole of the outside is a pattern in the Christmas tree.

A ladies' telegraphe with an artificial dark brown collar, with an elastic underneath and a blue hooded satin hood. Covers for boots made of decorative fabric (in the form of bags), a storm protective jacket, in the pockets of the storm, it was found: a pass with a photo card in the name of Kolmogorova, 5 rubles. money (rubles)

The blanket is dark blue, half woolen, the ski cap is blue, knitted in a fur-tree, with white vertical stripes, fur gloves are black, trimmed with black cotton material, scarf is red.

In addition, the corpse of Z. Kolmogorova was worn: a blue sweater, under it a knitted blouse with transverse blue stripes, a cowboy, a blue tank top with sleeves, a black bra, ski trousers, blue training trousers, knitted trousers blue, fleecy, skating trousers, melting. Socks woolen brown with fur insoles, socks, wagon, socks x / paper. On the head the cap is red woolen, under it is a blue wool cap

(...) is described in detail in the protocol (autopsy is illegible)

Sheet 13

2. Supposedly I. Dyatlov belong:

a) a fur waistcoat (without covering with a cloth), a fur jacket with locks "zipper". Backpack of old, protective color, mittens of coarse cloth, mask, red socks, old, spare attachments, warm boot covers, woolen ski hat, blue with white flowers, black leather mittens, dark red blanket, storm protective trousers and light storm pants.

In the pockets of the storm and storm trousers Dyatlov I. found: horn-rimmed glasses in a gray case, a notebook in the name of Dyatlov with a photo card of Z. Kolmogorova, a knife with a carabiner on a string, cloves of garlic, a compass, a mask, ropes, wire, elastic to the skis.

Ski boots, size 46.

On the corpse of Dyatlov I. was found clothes listed in the autopsy report of the corpse: a fur vest trimmed with blue satin. Yu Yudin said that this vest belongs to him and 28 / I-59 Mr. S. Kolevatov.

Shoes warm, found in the storage.

On the corpse of Dyatlov the same was:

blue sweatshirt, shirt-cowboy, blue knitted shirt, brown ski trousers, dark green training pants, black satin pants, white woolen socks, ripped, two cotton socks, streptocid pack.

3. Supposedly L. Dubinina belong:

a) a backpack black, old, glasses broken in a case, a toothbrush in a case, a soap dish with soap, toothpaste. The blanket is dark blue, the light tent is blue, the shirt is blue, the ski trousers are black, the helmet is white, the boots are ski, footcloths, woolen and woolen socks are white, the felt boots are black.

Sheet 14

The cowboy in a small cage, mask, brown socks and gray woolen socks. Yu Yudin said that he gave the gray wool socks to L. Dubinina.

In the pockets of the storm, it was found: a paper rope, a patch from a raincoat, an English pin, a little powder and a bow. Above the pocket of a storm tourist icon. The left sleeve of the storm is turned inside.

In the pockets of the ski pants found: elastic bandage, the beginning of the letter .. Valya ... a large comb, 2 pencils, a hair clip and money 35 rubles.

Fusions black with a red plating, the same bra, trousers blue knitted, cap blue ski, bag x / paper. Ladies handkerchiefs - two white with a brown border and one in a cage.

4. Supposedly N. Thibault-Brignol belong to the following things:

a) a backpack, a jar of tea with a film, a coarse-woolen bluetrotting blanket, an old dark-blue hat, matches in an oilcloth, a cowboy in a cage (found at the fire - one sleeve is turned out), a storm, boots

In the pockets of the storm and trousers: a handkerchief, a bandage, a box of matches, a pocket flashlight, a penknife and a Finnish type knife, a compass, a pin, spare straps for skis, 1 ruble of money, a black jacket, fastened to the left side, felt boots black, hemmed.

5. Presumably R.Robodin owns a new color protective backpack, a toy is tied to it-a rubber bear cub, a towel, binoculars, a red blanket, a bright light trousers, storm trousers, a black jacket, a scorched, a balaclava, one valenok. A watch (illegible)

Sheet 15

for a screwdriver, an awl, pliers and wire. Toy hedgehog, pencils, a box with screws, 2 thread coils, fishing line, notebook notebook. Camera "Sharp", the number is not known, ski boots, mask.

On the corpse of Slobodin R. dressed: sweater black x / paper, under it a cowboy. Between the sweatshirt and the cowboy lie 2 felt insoles, in the pocket of the cowboy a fountain pen, a passport in the name of Slobodin, money 310 rubles (100, 50x4 and 10 rubles), socks under a cowboy gray knitted with a fleece shirt, and under it a shirt. Ski trousers, underneath are blue training pants, warm pants (pair of shirt), satin pants, in ski trousers penknife, comb and pencil.

On the right leg is a felt boots and 4 pairs of socks, on the left leg socks, and boots are missing. In the storm Slobodina 3 copies. letters in relation to Bienko, and in the pocket of ski trousers a letter from the trade union committee.

6. Doroshenko supposedly owned the following things:

a) a black backpack, a burgundy blanket, a blue padded jacket, knitted training trousers, boots, a scarf in a cage, a hat, a hat with earflaps, a bright light, and in her pockets there are two notebooks and 20 rubles. money (10x2).

b) On the corpse Doroshenko was dressed:

a large box, a warm underpants, a light green t-shirt, blue and blue trunks. On his feet are three whole cotton sock, three tattered socks and a pair of woolen socks with burn marks.

7. Identified as Zolotarev's things:

a) a blanket green in a strip, a bright light, a scarf white, woolen, boots, wired, a black cap, a ski cap, a bottle with

Sheet 16

vitamins, cork pressed, film 1 piece. In Zolotarev's backpack notebooks, the magazine "Crocodile", bay leaf, pepper. The black body is black, the camera with the viewfinder and additional. lens.

8. Kolevatov supposedly belongs to: a black backpack.

Blanket made of soldier's cloth, storm and trousers, fur vest, ski boots, balaclava, bar. In addition, strap (illegible, "nipple" or "glasses", "point"), a fragment of a comb, a pack of cigarettes "fragrant", an aluminum flask.

9. Krivonischenko allegedly owned things:

backpack, a dark green blanket, a padded jacket blue, a storm and storm trousers, a mandolin in a case, fur stockings, a balaclava and mittens made of decorative fabric, ski boots, felt boots, an aluminum flask. In the pocket of the storm, a comb, a compass and small scissors. On the Storm 2 signs: 2 sports. digit and "tourist", string "re" for mandolin, toy "bear".

On the corpse Krivonischenko was dressed: a shirt of a cowboy, a shirt, a body, the remains of pants, swimming trunks, one sock.

In addition, some of the things remained unidentified, somehow:

Covers for shoes ( all isorvany - 9 pairs);

socks x / paper whole and torn - 25 pcs ;

socks woolen and wagon, whole and torn - 21 pcs .;

mittens woolen, fur, h / boom, sheathed and non-sewn - 20 pieces ;

gaiters - 17 pieces (blue and black);

balaclava - 3 pieces;

bags of different from under the products - 12 pcs .;

home shoes (sneakers) - 1 pair.

Sheet 17

Not recognized:

shirt, knitted, red old,

sweater black new, wiggly,

blue sweater new, wiggly,

sweater brown old wagon,

a linen towel,

woolen white scarf,

trousers sateen, black, training,

panties are black, satin, and masculine.

2 snow masks.

black - brown fur cap.

collar fur black,

leather from shoes (re-kit),

handkerchiefs 2 pieces (white, lined with green peonies and a lady's handkerchief)

plaits 2 pcs, glasses approx. -4 - 4,5 D in a green case, a flashlight "bug",

tooth count, white, Chinese,

axes - 2 large, 1 small

Two-handled saw, in a case.

skis - 1 pair, ice ax - 1 pc.

Utensils: spoons - 7, mugs - 5, aluminum cups - 3, buckets - 2, stove with pipes.

The protocol has been read to us, written correctly:

(signature is missing)

Yudin (signature)


ml. counselor of justice

Ivanov (signature)


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