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Decision to open a case


sheet 1

a criminal complaint

February 26, 1959 Attorney Ivdel Tempalov reviewing data about the discovery of the bodies of students, tourists at the height of 1079

-------- obtained from (blank)

And taking into account that at an altitude of 1079 frozen carcasses Krivonischenko were found Kolmogorova W, Dyatlov, and others - students, tourists Sverdlovsk Polytechnic Institute, and taking into account that this fact requires a preliminary investigation to identify the causes of death of death of such persons, and because
Guided by Art. Art. 96 and 110, CPC (typewritten insert - approx comp.)


To take the case to its production prosecute

on the fact of destruction of tourists Sverdlovsk Polytechnic Institute and proceed with an investigation.

Attorney Ivdel,
ml. Tempalov Counselor of Justice (signature).

Art. investigator
Folk. investigator

Prepared in the mountains.

scans sheets ranging from 01


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