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Author Topic: Zina Kolmogorova Letter to Igor Dyatlov  (Read 14596 times)

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December 02, 2017, 07:50:10 PM
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Hello, Igor!
Let me, though it's too late, to congratulate you on your birthday and wish you all the best, of course the best, the greatest and most difficult campaigns, the excellent defense of the diploma.
And here I am in Kamensk, I'm sitting at the plant, today is the second day, I'm in the RMS, I read the SCH and I sort out the drawings, I'll soon be drawing something.
Igor, you know what. Write as soon as you get out. I will arrive on the 22nd in the morning, but would very much like to stay longer here, tk. our come here only on the 21st. And I would like to get the topic of the diploma. And without them nothing is given to me. I want to practice here until the 20th. in the North Kazakhstan area, and where further I will not know yet. Today or tomorrow I'm going to find Vali Baldova. I think I will. Actually, it's boring here somehow right after the institute, there's no usual noisy crowd of tourists here, at least I do not know them yet, if they are; Say hello to all our "Hibina". How is the preparation going? How can I help here? What's new in the institute? How do I take the 4th course from our group? Has Nikola Popov come or not? Is Verkhoturov with us? (not the fact that the name was correctly written). In general, Igor, write immediately, what would I know, when to go out. After all, today is the 16th.
Bye see you.
Big, big hello to our tourists all, I'm bored here without you.
Waiting for an urgent response Zina.
Yes, the address:
G. Kamensk-Uralsky, 9, ul. Zhdanova d.23 to 7 Kolmogorova Z.A
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