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My interest or focus I should say is on the one victim that stands out from the students, SEMYON ZOLOTARYOV.

With Semyon’s controversial past and ties with the military, I wonder if this tragedy was caused by something he knew or was working on or studying? Could he have been a spy for the West or some other Agency?  He had two cameras. Why two? Why not just bring more rolls of film, it would have been lighter in travel.

The sports/outdoors club adding Seymon at the last minute to their party seems suspicious.
The authorities would therefore know the groups plans and could have been watching the group. And I go back to the authorities knowing everything so why delay? To make it look like an accident.
Could the rest of the group been collateral damage and the intended victim was Semyon?

What machinery could get to them in snow and not leave tracks? A helicopter. Skis? Horses would have left tracks. With the weather and high winds could all tracks been lost?
I find it a little hard to believe that footprints were left in the snow and were visible because some of the bodies were under 4-4.5 meters of snow. That is over 10 feet of snow. I know snow and weeks went by with added snow and how did they know under all that snow where to find the bodies? Another oddity is the positions of some of the bodies. Arms frozen above their heads as if their bodies were stripped of their clothing. All in all, I think these deaths were caused by mankind. The hypothermia exposure I get but why? What caused them to abandon their tent all at once? Being forced by gunpoint? Hearing a loud crash or explosion?

What caught my attention was the direction in which the third and fourth bodies were in a direct line as if running from something. Because of a skull fracture, it makes me think of a solid blunt weapon. Another party member had a elongated bruise across her abdomen. Like hitting a branch?  What object could be elongated? A rifle, a baton, a wooden bat, a paddle, a steel pole.
And has there been documented cases where animals stack up human remains? Is that what the authorities found in a ravine?

And Lyudmila Dubinina, her body seemed to have suffered great violence. Her heart exploded. The removal of the tongue seems almost human like behaviour because a member of the group that survived said Dubinina was the most outspoken of all the group. Was her tongue cut off, bite off, it seems unclear.

Another odd issue I found is the timelines. If the authorities knew about the group weeks before the trip why wait two weeks to raise the alarm that the group was missing? And was it not the parents and friends of the group actioning and demanding a search party?
Timing is off to me. Something seems off.
The group was due back by Feb.12th, 1959.
Yet the search party only started Feb.21st, 1959. Why the delay?
Authorities knew where everyone was at all times. That was their business.
If the group were watched so closely on the train ride and accused of being too loud, wouldn’t you think that being a week late is totally unacceptable? The authorities would have been all over this demanding to know where the group was. But they didn’t jump on it … maybe because they already knew the group was dead. And this sort of holds because no military authorities or their families have shared anything about the tragedy. Really odd.

Another oddity is most or all of the group were very familiar with the cold conditions. They were seasoned adventurers so why would they leave their bodies exposed to the conditions?
Unless they were held at gun point or another weapon and forced to freeze to death.
When autopsies were conducted was food found in their stomachs?
Reports said that in the tent they found firewood. That would mean something interrupted them before they could get the firewood used up.
The fact that hypothermia and violence were main causes of death, the victims bodies also had other oddities such as bruising, burning and eye & tongue removal to certain bodies, concludes it might be human behaviour even in distress.
If an animal disturbed the bodies, wouldn’t all their eyes be taken or other organs be eaten from the victims?
Also, do animals kill humans with such force and not leave traces of bite marks or clawed skin?

Knowing what we know of history and the wars fought and allegiance made, could it be possible that Semyon was the intended target due to his and his family’s military past? We know how Russians can hold grudges against those that they view as traitors.
Could a group of specialists been deployed to kill Semyon and the group and the authorities covered it up?
This is my theory. And all victims and their families and friends deserve answers and justice.
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What machinery could get to them in snow and not leave tracks? A helicopter. Skis? Horses would have left tracks. With the weather and high winds could all tracks been lost?

Snowmobile and people on skis will have their tracks blown by the winds very fast leaving no trace ...
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