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January 26, 2023, 04:06:32 AM
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Hi WAB. Good to hear from you.

Thank you, I am also very pleased that you still remember me.

Hope you are well.

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm your optimism.

January 26, 2023, 04:23:25 AM
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WAB, you are a legend and you will not be forgotten.

WAB's opinion on the Swiss avalanche is the last thing I publish of his.
and I got a lot of compliments for his thorough analysis.
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January 26, 2023, 11:33:05 AM
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Not one group, but several died in the Kola Peninsula Khibiny. But because the information was kept secret, we do not know all the tragic cases.
1961 – Bakhirev's group, 7 students of the Leningrad Agricultural Institute, died. Ebru-Chorr Pass. The official cause of death is an avalanche.

1973 – 10 students from Kuibyshev were killed – the Chevruai tragedy. The official reason is hypothermia, but there are no details of the investigation anywhere, nor are there any archives. It's like they were hidden or destroyed. the screenshot says that the 1973 campaign was not difficult, 2 categories of difficulty. The official cause of death is hypothermia, but relatives, friends and friends have not received an answer.

1981 – in November, 7 students disappeared in Khibiny. The KGB was considering the issue of students fleeing abroad. The version of death due to an avalanche is not a detailed one, since there was little snow. The corpses were found by chance only in August 1982. The cause of the tragedy has not yet been clarified.
We conclude: in the mountains of KHIBINY on the Kola Peninsula, tourist groups in full force died, allegedly from frost or avalanche.
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January 27, 2023, 12:09:20 AM
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Hippies or no hippies, obviously something happened to the Dyatlov Group that was extraordinary and resulted in the area being off limits for several years etc etc.
I apologise, but it not a theme for conversation here. There can be it it is necessary to discuss in other section of a forum?
I want tell that it does not concern neither hippie, nor to Chivruai.
Я считаю, что это имеет отношение к трагедии группы Дятлова и вот почему:
течение хиппи - это проявление свободомыслия и протеста. Не забывайте, что в 1973 году у власти стояли престарелые сталинисты, такие как Кириленко, которые ненавидели и боялись студенческих оппозиционных взглядов. тогда существовал термин "инакомыслие". Даже мыслить следовало ток, как позволено. Нам известно, что ребята из группы Дятлова были волевыми, смелыми и свободомыслящими. Они не были хиппи, но могли проявлять свою волю и могли не подчиняться глупым указаниям партии и КГБ. Это объединяет группу Дятлова с группой, погибшей на Чевруай. Точной причины гибели так же не установлено, а значит можно предполагать, что группу Кузнецова учитожили как и группу Дятлова по избежание бегства за границу. Партийные органы больше всего боялись позора перед западом, а еще был страх потери своей карьеры и развала социалистической системы, в которой им было тепло, сытно и комфортно.

I believe that this has to do with the tragedy of the Dyatlov group and that's why:
the hippie current is a manifestation of free-thinking and protest. Do not forget that in 1973, elderly Stalinists, such as Kirilenko, who hated and feared student opposition views, were in power. then there was the term "dissent". It was even necessary to think as it is allowed. We know that the guys from Dyatlov's group were strong-willed, brave and free-thinking. They were not hippies, but they could exercise their will and could not obey the stupid instructions of the party and the KGB. This unites Dyatlov's group with the group that died on Chivruai. The exact cause of death has also not been established, which means it can be assumed that Kuznetsov's group was destroyed as well as Dyatlov's group to avoid fleeing abroad. The party organs were most afraid of shame in front of the West, and there was also the fear of losing their careers and the collapse of the socialist system, in which they were warm, satisfying and comfortable.

January 27, 2023, 09:07:24 AM
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Interesting turn of a plot. Just because I know this case not under books, and alive in nature. It is possible to tell that there I worked as Maslennikov, Baskina + Bardin + as Shulezhko and Ortukov in the uniform person. grin1
Известно, что Маслеников Е П - был освобожденным партийным работником, он полностью подчинялся воле партии и делал свою работу на перевале под диктовку заместителя Кириленко - Ештокина. Ештокин находился в Ивделе во время поисков, и об это нам рассказал Сергей Согрин, который лично видел Ештокина и лично разговаривал с ним. Бардин и Шулешко - были посланы ЦК, чтоб они привезли отчет в Москву для прикрытия партийной власти. Ортюков, следователи Темпалов, Иванов - выполняли так же волю партии. В 1990 году в газетной статье Иванов попросил прощения у  родителей дятловцев и признался (дословная цитата): Одно  у меня оправдание, не свою волю выполнял.
В А Б. а чью волю выполнял ты на Чевруае? И зачем здесь пишешь эти "простыни" (сленг), в которых всего пол строчки про найденные 5 трупов, и никакого подробного описания!!!

It is known that Maslennikov was a liberated party worker, he completely obeyed the will of the party and did his work at the pass under the dictation of Deputy Kirilenko - Eshtokin. Yeshtokin was in the Department during the search and Sergey Sogrin told us about it, who personally saw Yeshtokin and talked with him. Bardin and Shuleshko were sent by the Central Committee to bring a report to Moscow to cover the party authorities. Ortyukov, investigators Tempalov, Ivanov - also carried out the will of the party. In 1990, in a newspaper article, Ivanov asked for forgiveness from the parents of the Dyatlovites and confessed (verbatim quote): I have one excuse, I did not fulfill my will.
[V A B. and whose will did you fulfill on Chivruai? And why are you writing these "sheets" (slang) here, in which there are only half a line about 5 corpses found, and no detailed description!!!

January 27, 2023, 09:10:49 AM
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перевод ужасный, но кому нужно - тот поймет.
the translation is terrible, but whoever needs it will understand.