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Barnaul skiers tragic death



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On January 28-29, 10 corpses were found in the area of the Pavlovsky tract. This is how the indictment begins in the case of the death of a group of Komsomol skiers in the vicinity of Barnaul in 1946. Another tragedy with many parallels with the Dyatlov group incident, although the situations seem to be different. The similarities are:
 – proximity of elections resulting in unwillingness to publicize the tragedy;
 – complete indifference about the preparing of the trek;
 – slow to start the search;
 – no one takes the responsibility and there is no adequate investigation.
More than 10 years later, by 1959, the attitude of those in charge had practically not changed.

That is really sad and tragic!  It does put some behaviors into perspective with regard to official inquiries. 

The number of 10 is an odd repetition. Has there been a rule at the time that tourist groups should be always of 10 people?
And again the mass death. Even from K2 not all group of 10 dies. There is always surviviours when people are more than 5... At least of what I know about

There doesn't appear to be much information unlike the Dyatlov mystery. What were the injuries  ? Post mortem ?


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