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June 05, 2022, 04:00:42 AM
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I did play with some useless pictures and this comes out.

useless picture the last one.

the pictures come from Frame No24 No26 No27 and

useless picture 1 - Three heads from

useless picture 2 - 9 - Chicken
useless picture 3 7 - Eagle 1 Light
3 - Lynx
6 - Mushroom with a face
10 - Plane 1
8 - Eagle 2 light

What has happened from the pictures?
From pictures, one can deduce. Yes, it was Horror. This is actually a thread for new theories

the following, it's shifted in time forwards, it happened a couple of days before, then it was a cover-up, the tent was somewhere else.
1.   Z. wait in the tent, because he was expecting attackers and probably knew them, told the others, they should hide, in the nearby forest, but the group split, because they simply didn't trust Z. The point or main issue was between Z, the attackers, and their plan. Hikers were
fully dressed, while leaving the tent
       What it is, maybe smugglers, hunters or crime groups witnessed, or debt collectors from Z on         
       the way, or kidnappers of some special people within the group which should be exchanged
              for some value or opportunity,  locals. I call them attackers
2.   Branches on the tree were not cut because the group wanted to make a fire.
They were cut because the attackers wanted to freeze people to death, and they needed space on the tree. To freeze to death, they needed also to undress. So people were hanging there naked until death, and then they were cut off and fall to the ground

3.   Attackers didn't notice which clothing belong to which person so when the attacker or rescue team dressed them again after they froze to death, they didn't know how should they dress them again, so there was confusion also with clothes and watches.
4.   Some device has been used to break the ribs but also to cut out the tongue, kind of
because of the previous claims, what the hikers saw or Z knew with the attackers, points to locals,
without eyes, even dead, you didn't see it and you will not speak about it.

5.   Rest of the group froze also to death in the water, beaten by attackers, they were simply
Held under the water but not drowned in water until they died from cold and injuries
Some of them were without eyes and tongues already but alive, the snow then fall on them
And definitely, they didn't build a hideout. After the tragic incident, just snowfall on them
and  snow build hideout as grave,

6.   The others including special valuable people, are subject of the possible planned kidnapping or extortions, from pictures, destiny is
Unknown, I would bet kidnapping possibility of some members of the group by former war
criminals or just bandits with unfinished business with some person, or locals

7.   Joke, Maybe they found PC, Handy, or other cool stuff on the way, when they got older.
5 - Jaws
11 - Plane 2 part 1 (faces)

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