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Nigel Evans:

--- Quote from: Jacques-Emile on November 25, 2018, 10:55:09 PM ---Was horse killed by ball lightning? Is ski pole broken as Nigel beats dead horse?
Now I begin to understand.

--- End quote ---

I don't think it's a horse.  lol2

Ill spare you the history lesson, but in 1959 Russia was NOT publicizing their missile/space program. In fact, the launches were kept top-secret until days if not weeks after a launch and ONLY made public if it were a successful one. 

This is the same event.  You may notice in all vids including the first, the viewers were MANY miles away and there was no sound..... just a dif viewing angle.

Even in modern times especially when you do this in the communist state of California at night, people go stupid.........



Nigel Evans:
Aha you set a trap for me. Why am I not surprised?  kewl1 kewl1 kewl1

In case anyone is wondering what the Americans are up to..... 


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