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Found iron can 10.8 meters from the cedar

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Олег Таймень:
Here is the place where they found the tin can

The direction is strictly southwest. 10.8 meters

My personal opinion is that the jar may have been opened with an axe. And the ax deformed it a little. I myself opened the cans several times when there was no knife at hand .. They don’t chop with an ax, but put pressure on it with their hands from above and a cut hole appears in the can .. The can is deformed under the weight of human weight.

Олег Таймень:
Вот банка с поисков 1959 года. У неё очень странная форма.
Here is a can from a 1959 search. She has a very strange shape.

Олег Таймень:
В первую очередь, нужно исключить то, что эта банка может являться оболочкой гранаты РГ-42..
First of all, it is necessary to exclude the fact that this jar may be the shell of the RG-42 grenade ..

Олег Таймень:
В годы войны гранаты РГ-42 делали, в том числе, на консервных заводах и частных артелях
During the war years, RG-42 grenades were made, among other things, at canning factories and private artels

I asked Yoan Donev who works in the Central Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration at the National Historical Museum in Bulgaria to measure the tin can and also to give me an opinion on the hypothesis of the can being used as a grenade.
"I think it was a regular can, not a grenade, because if it had been exploded or even just enlarged by the contents spoiling, there would have been signs of inflation. Also the edges of the elongated cut are inverted inwards (possibly forced with a blade), where on explosion they would curve outwards."



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