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Latest development on the attempts to reopen the case

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I have lost sight of this part of a forum and only today have seen it.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on November 17, 2018, 06:22:54 PM ---WAB

--- Quote ---.It already work not to Ivanov. Clerks in corresponding archive are engaged in it. 
--- End quote ---
And you can repeat it again
--- End quote ---

Here that is not clear?  shock1
Ivanov has finished criminal case and has transferred it in the closed archive as it has been written. After that storage and moving of papers other people are engaged. If it store in confidential archive (only store but without a mark!) that on it does not operate a mode for work with confidential documents. But get it is possible only with permission of the big chief.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on November 17, 2018, 06:22:54 PM ---
--- Quote ---.I will repeat once again: Ivanov  do`t  things it , it made other people, which was engaged in these affairs:
a. Store documents in archive   
--- End quote ---
But for me more important to see documents which  contain Ivanov's resolution with clear recommendation how to storage different parts of case.
1) (Resolution)
comrade Y. I. Rogovoy
per directions from N.I. Klinov
the request to be kept in a secret archive,
keep the package in top secret proceedings.
11.VII.59 Ivanov (signature)

hope is the thing with feathers analysis

"Clerks in corresponding archive" are NOT engaged in decision which pages are related to Dyatlov's case.
--- End quote ---

Galina, and here graceful literature Emily Dikinson? It how tell about galoshes of father?  grin1

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on November 17, 2018, 06:22:54 PM ---
--- Quote ---On files of radiological examination there was a signature stamp "confidentially". .
--- End quote ---
Can you show this stamp ?
--- End quote ---

With pleasure!  grin1 Guess from three times: why in scans affairs are not present sheet # 370? This that sheet where there should be a mark about statement on privacy and down statement on privacy. It is not present not because wants that hide, most likely because after long moving on instances it have simply lost after mark removal. After … Because to lose sheet with mark it is possible to receive very big troubles. Even, if it is empty sheet with mark.
Even in the central libraries are lost (or them steal) sheets of rare books of world level. If exclude usual circumstances and before the world plot of green little men it is possible as far as reach.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on November 17, 2018, 06:22:54 PM ---
--- Quote ---.What means “We don't see …”? Kuntsevich has get digital copies from originals of the case.
--- End quote ---
He did the copies of the main part's  cover in the 2nd archive (State archive of Sverdlovsksy oblast), but he never saw the folders (contained another parts of case) in the 1st archive. Because (at least) this part were transferred long time before he start investigate Dyatlov's story at all.
--- End quote ---

If papers have transferred in other archive them transfer completely, except for those papers where there is a mark, which else operates at that time.
By the way, about what "cover" here there is a speech?

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on November 17, 2018, 06:22:54 PM ---Finally you are telling

--- Quote ---. Change of degree privacy, and then and transfer to other archive 
--- End quote ---
But it mean what some parts of case have had "degree of privacy" should be changed. What about your earlier pronousment "case never been closed?" . Main part of the case may be not, but some parts of the case were.
--- End quote ---

It is naturally. In the general case there can be separate parts which have mark. But, all case is not confidential.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on November 17, 2018, 06:22:54 PM ---The problem is that we don't know how many parts and which parts. It's exactly clear, that radiological expertise was in the "main part" at the moment of transferring from one archive to another. But 2 more parts were added much more later.
--- End quote ---

What these are 2 parts? I have not understood it.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on November 17, 2018, 06:22:54 PM ---
--- Quote ---.What for you are engaged in this case if are assured, what to you anybody and never will answer the necessary question? 
--- End quote ---
Ok, 2 simple questions
1) WHO and WHEN has get the accesses to case in 1990xx and did the first copies ?
--- End quote ---

As far as I know, the former wife Alex Koskin (Elena) worked in archive in the late eighties. There it has made some copies illegally. At me where that exists CD disk with set of the first copies of this documents. It copy exists very much not the full. On these copies Anna Matveeva write the book in 1999. There she mentions about Elena, only under other name.

--- Quote from: Vietnamka on November 17, 2018, 06:22:54 PM ---2) where the pp. 370, 375 now and how it happened that this pages are not in archive at least since 1996, but Fond shared copies of its?  twitch7

--- End quote ---

I already wrote that most likely they are lost on usual circumstances (разгильдяйство).
You attentively looked material, which fund has received and has laid out at itself "library"?
In copies from fund of these sheets is not present. It is necessary look, whether there are they in those copies which have been received illegally in 80 and 90th years.

The entire case was secret from the start, and thats no secret. The case was eventually released, and we have what we have today.  I see no evidence an entirely different case or parts of the case were squirreled away separately, and if there were....  you wouldn't know about it to begin with. 

Exactly.  The Dyatlov Case was  CLOSED  soon after the last 4 bodies were found.  I dont think that there are many CRIMINAL CASES that would be CLOSED so soon  !  ?  And if there are SECRETS locked away somewhere then we are not being told about that. We have been fed some information in recent times but that doesnt mean that there isnt any more information somewhere.


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