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Jean Daniel Reuss alerted me to the fact that sarapuk has disappeared from the forum without saying goodbye.
Jean Daniel Reuss wrote to me:

* I checked sarapuk's profile
     Posts: 2381 (1.916 per day) (sarapuk was therefore usually very busy).
     Last Active: May 19, 2021 02:01: 06 PM
* In sarapuk's posts of this year 2021, I do not detect any indication that he was planning to voluntarily stop contributing to the forum.
* If sarapuk were simply ill or hospitalized he would not be alone, completely isolated. There would be people to help him, to care for him.
* And then, he who wrote 2381 posts in 3 years, even if he is completely immobilized in a bed, after 3 months (May 19 to August 31), he would have asked a small favor to someone around him. Something like: "please go to //, (Password=...), and write: sarapuk can not participate at this time.....".
(no Evidence just speculation)I fear that he is ill, very sick, and perhaps even dead, especially since he had indicated his age: 69 years old, that is not young.
And I also hope very much that I am a stupid person to be so pessimistic and assume the worst.

Please pray that we are wrong.
I don't want to add more crosses.

That is a worry. I hope everything thing is ok.

I have noticed that Sarapuk is missing as well since april/may.

I think it is really odd for such an active member of our community to stop posting just like that, and I do hope he is well and there are other reasons for this.

sarapuk was always polite and considerate. I hope he's okay.  He made many posts, maybe he just needs some time off.



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