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Alexander Pope : "El que dice una mentira no sabe qué tarea ha asumido, porque estará obligado a inventar veinte más para sostener la certeza de esta primera."

I don't get it, what are you suggesting?

Also the middle photo might not even be from this trip, but let's assume it is. After that is taken, they set up the tent and put the skis under the tent.

The left and right photos are from the search, and the skis visible in the photos are either the searcher's skis, or, they have dug out the Dyatlov group's skis and randomly dunked them in the snow.

It's easy to understand, because the evidence is a function of the depth of the tent. It is common to associate the central photograph to the day before the tragedy and in the official version, it can be clearly seen that there is no such depth.

Ok, so, in the middle photo they dug down to a depth of 1.5m. But in the photos from the search, there is no trench, the tent is not that deep (it was buried under snow though?)

But, what does this mean? That the middle photo is from some other time? Or other place? The trench was elsewhere?

I never really understood what the Dyatlov group is doing in that photo... it's not the way to set up a tent, and there was level ground not that far away ...they would have to ski back a couple of hundred metres but isn't that better than digging deep, without a shovel?

Very good question Manti. The first time I saw the photo I also thought it was strange for various reasons. One of them is the one you mentioned about digging with a shovel. Notice how surprising they are working in the middle of the storm with light and fragile sticks, instead of using shovels.

The firm snow on the slope of the Pass is very hard, due to physical weathering processes (freezing-thawing) and even Colonel Ortyukov himself had to request shovels from the Corps of Engineers and from the Sappers weapon.


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