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Ski trip-expedition-2023 to the Dyatlov Pass from 12.03.23-24.03.23

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Олег Таймень:
On March 10, we left Novokuznetsk at 07.00 by train.
March 11 at 13.00 arrived at the station in Yekaterinburg. From 14.00 to 15.00 we met with Alexei Koskin and listened to a detailed story about the expedition with Semyashkin, where Alexei answered questions in detail about the depth of snow at the locations of snow bags near the cedar and on the slope. We received information about the temperature and wind strength at different points, which made it possible to draw up a clearer plan for spending the night and exploring the area, taking into account weather conditions. At 16.00 we met with Alexei Korolev and listened to an hour-long story, with answers to questions, about the February expedition. Boarded the Ivdel train.
On March 12 at 02.50 we arrived in Ivdel and slept at the station until 06.00. Dmitry Pushin picked us up from the station on gas-66 and at 10.30 drove us to the ravine on Ushminka. Until 13.00, they were waiting for a group of tourists, which Alexey Sambindalov brought on a snowmobile from Three Rivers. He also brought us to Ilyich's base, where we stayed for the night, because. it was already evening.
On March 13, we went towards the Dyatlov Pass and after passing 9.5 km we climbed the Chaikonur Pass, where we stopped for the night.
On March 14 we covered 11.5 km. and approached the crooked forest zone, 5 km. from the obelisk
On March 15, we climbed the obelisk and went down to the place of the storage shed of the State Duma. The parking lot was made on the other side of the trail, 30 meters from the storehouse
On March 16, a two-hour filming of the storehouse and its surroundings was carried out from different sides with two video cameras. We made measurements of snow in the area of ​​the flooring and neighboring points. We went down to the Kuntsevich camp and the winter camp of search engines. We took a lot of photos and videos.
On March 17, with great difficulty (1 hour 40 minutes), they climbed from the storehouse to the obelisk. In crooked forests on a crust of ice, the skis gave a strong return and the skin did not work. (Taking off your skis, you immediately go up to your chest ..). It was the hardest day of the whole trip. We spent all our strength until we got out with a load to the pass. Soaked with sweat and caught in a strong icy wind. Due to the lack of visibility, they hardly found the MP and trampled down their tracks a little lower. We considered it dangerous to put up a tent on a slope, because. she could not stand the powerful gusts of wind and decided to go down to the stream. In crooked forests, I had to put on skis. We set up camp just below the confluence of the streams.
On March 18, we spent the whole day experimenting with dragging fir-trees, digging a cave at the site of the flooring and making a fire near the cedar. We made many measurements of the depth of snow in different places.
On March 19, we climbed the MP and filmed footprints of the posts made by our boots two days ago on a flto video. With a strong wind, there was relative visibility and we took a lot of photos of the MP from different angles and from the top of the Halatchakhl spur. We took panoramic pictures in the crooked forest at each of the locations of the three bodies.
On March 20, all night and until one o'clock in the afternoon, they held the tent from the inside, propping up the arches with their backs so that they would not break. There was a strong hurricane that did not allow us to go back.
On March 21 we crossed the ridge with wind from 10-14 m/s with gusts up to 20 m/s. Everything was measured by the device and filmed on video. On this day we reached the Chaikonur pass. (5.5 hours CW)
On March 22 we crossed the pass and reached the base of Ilyich (3.5 hours of the CCT)
On March 23, we reached Ushma (11.5 hours CCT), in the evening we had an hour-long interview with Valery Anyamov about the natural disasters of the PD
On March 24, a three-hour interview was conducted about all the hunting huts of Lozva and Auspiya, about the Mansi storehouses and burial places, about flying balloons 100 km away. from the pass that his parents saw, about the snow board, hurricanes, fallen wood and wolverines, about the ski trail of the Dyatlov group and the missile silo at Chistop. Valery told his version of the death of the Dyatlov group. In the evening, we had a two-hour interview with Albina Anyamova about the flying balloons that she saw in her childhood and about the life and life of the Mansi in the 50s and 60s.
On March 25, they filmed Ushma and the Ushma rocks. Slept
On March 26, they threw Valery's snowmobile to the ravine on Ushminka and to the Ivdel railway station with Dmitry Pushin. At 22.00 boarded the train
March 27 arrived in Yekaterinburg. In the afternoon from 13.00 to 14.00 we discussed and compared with Alexei Korolev the results of two expeditions in terms of snow depth of the slope, stream and cedar. From 16.00 to 18.00 we discussed with Alexey Koskin the results of our observations/measurements. Alexey shared his plans for events for 2023 and talked about the future of the museum and further development..
March 28 at 05-00 boarded the train to Novokuznetsk
March 29 at 21.00 arrived
We filmed over 15 hours of video and many photos.

Олег Таймень:
On March 17, they trampled down tracks 50-70 meters below the place of the tent.
On March 19, these footprints were filmed:

Олег Таймень:
Three fir-trees, cut in different places, were dragged by the crown and tail. The needles do not fall off. At all. But, we skied it. When they started the experiment without skis, they found that it was impossible to move when you fell into the snow up to your waist. And it is the fir-trees that help to move at least somehow. Throwing the fir-tree, you can crawl on it on your knees. Relying on the fir-tree with your hands, you can pull the body out of the snowdrift, etc. And then the needles and small twigs fall off in large quantities.
You can also dig a cave with a fir-tree.

Very interesting. For some reason , there's been a delay of this displaying in my posts.

Same.  I've only just noticed these posts.  Amazing to see it first hand.  Look forward to more of your posts/thoughts etc. 


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