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Expedition to Dyatlov Pass thoughts.

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I will elaborated soon, but I am not looking for a tree theory explicitly. The tree theory and my last two expeditions have thought me a very important scientific fact:
Siberia's special climate preserves things much longer than most places on Earth.
Derivative knowledge:
I know that we can read trash, and that camps used to leave lots of it. I am an expert in dating tin cans.
Any human activity used wood. We can date dead trees, even major damage on living trees i.e. when was a big branch cut or broken. It is determined with dendrology analysis of core samples.
Most importantly - I know on what depth and what class metal detector finds metal objects in the ground from 1959 - 30 cm deep around the cedar.
Amateur metal detectors did not find anything, and one sweep with a higher class found the cream can made in 1958. This is from one hour work.
I need to go back with my own metal detector to spend days in searching and digging. I also have satellite photos of possible geological sites.
But I am alone, I can't drag the whole group, they want to go to Otorten. The rule is not to go in group smaller than 3 people because of the bears. I already had my close encounter with a bear with cubs, and I am still not sure I didn't get eaten and this is all a dream.
I forgot one more skill that is very useful in a team mate - knowing the mushrooms in the Russian taiga. They are so beautiful, but can't keep away the though of Russian roulette at dinner time.

Checking for radioactivity:

You have to be able to change a tire:

Not to blow up a gas bottle in your face:

ATV after bear attack:

Finding things in the ground left in 1959 (this can be proved) around the cedar still doesn't mean they were left by the Dyatlov group or geologists. There are also Mansi and the searchers. Fortunately I am friends with Valery Anyamov and Askinadzi. I am going to talk to both after the expedition, show them my findings.


This is excellent! You are giving the forum something to appreciate about your leadership and clear headed thinking. I only eat mushrooms from the grocery or Chinese restaurant.  Bring extra batteries for that detector. Finally, ask the forum if they can recommend sources for sponsors. If mountain climbers can get them, so should you!

A suggestion teddy, I know each season for snow fall, temperature and winds will be different and you don't have endless resources or other groups across the community.

Could it be possible that we join resources and get even basic cameras installed at the ravine and tent location that take time lapse photos every hour or six hours for example.

It could be useful to see the build up of snow on the slope and the ravine. It might take a few years to build up data but if we can organise it on trust across the community and other forums it might help?


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