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Okay well I've been working all week to verify something really REALLY huge that I came upon, but I'm pressed for time and haven't had a chance to visit the Russian sites which I will then have to translate through Google which is HORRIBLE at translating plus something is ALWAYS lost in translation which really bothers me with all of this as it's easier for me as a presumptive and interested American that only speaks/reads/writes in English to miss something or interpret something wrong.

I've come upon a few sources from Russian sites that state that Semyon Zolotaryov was in fact in a civil marriage (kind of like a "common law" marriage where it's not official but they live as husband and wife) to a woman (the only name that's coming up is that her name was Lyudmila which I find ironic and too convenient to be true) with whom he had a baby son named Sasha (his tattoo?)

His wife, possibly named Lyudmila and who possibly worked in a local department of state insurance, was, according to one source Viktor Pavlovich Krikunov, very beautiful, immediately surrendered baby Sasha to an orphanage upon Semyon Zolotaryov's death. When those who personally knew Semyon, wife and baby (Pavel Zinoviev & Vasily Drobotov) asked "Lyudmila" about the disappearance of the child, she claimed that she gave the child to Kuban relatives of Semyon. Meanwhile according to Alla Borovikovskaya (the niece in question) relatives of Semyon claim that when they found out Sasha was put into an orphanage they tried desperately to find him, but nothing could be done. He was lost to the system by then.

Have any of you ever heard any of this? Ever? This could change the way we all see our mysterious party. What if he was desperate to get his Level 3 and get home because he wanted to get home to see his little boy?

I have pictures by the way. Supposedly one photo the baby Sasha exists and it was provided by Alla.

This is not news and there are lots of publications on the topic. I asked Galina some time ago and here is part of her mail.

Sasha. Born 10-Feb-1956.
For the first time he is mentioned (that Zolotaryov had a son and his fate is unknown), in Piskareva article in 2012. The mother was common law wife i.e. they were not officially married. At the time she met Semyon, she already had an elder daughter. So the son is the second child. His fate is unclear. There are versions:
- She gave him up to an orphanage (a version that Semyon's relatives adhere to)
- She gave it to Semyon himself and to care for him suddenly his mother moved to Semyon's, leaving her husband and daughters. Speculations are that this was the reason why Semyon was in a hurry to get back from the trek, so he can take care of his son.
- Now that the DNA test has not confirmed that there are Zolotaryov's remains in the grave, a new theory raged out  that he remained alive and generally took the son from his mother himself.
According to surviving documents Sasha did not carry Zolotaryov's family name, but had his mother's name. We do not know whether Semyon was officially entered on the birth certificate as a father. Most likely he was not.

There are more complications, Galina might decide to publish more on the topic.


--- Quote ---Zolotaryov's tattoos are very interesting, among them there were images of a five-pointed star, strange shape like beets-heart-fire (in the case files says beets), the name "Гена" (Guena), his year of birth "1921", ДАЕРММУАЗУАЯ (DAERMMUZAUAYA), "Г+С+П=Д", this was common among Soviet soldiers who served together for a long time. Russian letter "Д" stands for "дружба" (friendship). The three letters were first letters of the three soldiers. "С" stood for "Семен", Semyon in Russian. Others two names are unknown. Then we have "Г + С", as well as individual letters "C" next to the star and beets-heart-fire. Most of Zolotaryov's tattoos were hidden by clothing and the rest of the Dyatlov group members didn't know anything about them.
--- End quote ---

Also there is no "Sasha" among Semyon's tattoos.  nea1

Its news to me....  I never delve into each victims relatives etc. 

Looks like a sticky....   great work!    thumb1

Note From Tristan (OP):
Okay This is what I've dug up to go with the original post. I just thought Galina might have more of a formed opinion or information on the matter as a walking enclyclopedia before I posted anything about it. I've been keeping tabs on it all in my notebook.

If this isn't new, and it's not important, then why does almost every source I've ever read continue to paint Semyon Zolotaryov as a mysteriously childless bachelor? There's this ongoing, one, common theme, and it always suggests that he was an odd ball for these times being unmarried and without a family to even show up to his funeral (another unverifiable detail; see below).

I would think that all of these people who have claimed royalties from book deals? They would at least get their research as accurate as possible before ANYTHING ever hit a publisher. If something is unverifiable, it's not dead in the water. It's just unverifiable, but that's not necessarily an automatic trash pit verdict. Something like this deserved to be known! We've been told of these criminal gold teeth and tattoos of a hardened mafioso it would seem (they guy had a tattoo of beets for crying out saying a tattoo of a grilled cheese sandwich as a mark of The Beast.  lol2) Anyway here's the evidence I've managed to outline in my notebook. I've left nothing out that I wrote down. It's a mess--would you expect anything less with this case?

Here is Alla Borovikovskaya, the niece whose DNA is questionable compared to the remains in Zolotaryov's grave. Most of these photos come from her. He official statement on the nature of Semyon's involvement in the DPI is as follows, "Semyon couldn't be a spy."

Pavel Zinoviev & Visily Drobotov claim to have personally known Semyon Zolotaryov and his "family" as they remember seeing Semyon, "Lyudmila," and the stroller in which baby Sasha would lay going on walks before the DPI. Another eyewitness account from one Viktor Pavlovich Krikonov claims that "Lyudmila" was very beautiful as he'd see her every single month at the local department of state insurance to pay his fees. He distinctly remembers her ring. He also claims that she his the child from her father (unverifiied information as of writing this thread), and when he inquired of Sasha's disappearance he was told that baby Sasha was given to Semyon's Kuban relatives. Kuban relatives say otherwise.

Semyon Zolotaryov, circa 1955. Unknown woman. On the back is written, "I always want to be your best friend." If this is "Lyudmila," I would say it's highly unlikely. Baby Sasha was probably in the vicinity of one year old at the time he was surrendered to an orphanage give or take a few months. Even adding an extra year for gestation would not quite bring us back to 1955.

Semyon standing with cousins Peter and Fedor. I'm always shocked at how many photos of Zolotaryov exist, and in all of them he appears to be made for the camera. I've thoroughly enjoyed going through all of his personal photographs that exist across the internet and seeing him pose with various family, women, and the +9 to +8 in his party before their untimely deaths.

The only known photo of baby Sasha.

More family ties: Semyon Zolotaryov and his sisters. No clue what that says.

This photograph tends to come up a lot related to the search for Baby Sasha. My guess is she is another possiblity for "Lyudmila." The back of this photograph was also made out to Semyon with hopes that he would remember a specific night related to politics.
Thoughts Across the Web:
CT: If Zolotaryov was doing secret operations as many believe, I imagine he would keep his wife secret especially if he got caught or killed. They could go after her.
PS: Perhaps she hid child after death of Semyon out of fear to protect Sasha from KGB/military/Kruschev/USSR 1959/etc.

PS: Alla says they don't know if any family was at Semyon's funeral in Sverdlovsk. Some sources say that Semyon's mother attended, but this is not true. She was not there. Nobody in the family knows how he was buried.

Internet Source Links, all Russian:


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