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Good grief. I have a bottle of glycerine in my medicine cabinet from when I dabbled in making my own cosmetic face washes and such... it's so gross!!!! It's sticky and thick and greasy all at the same time and I can't get my scientific mind over the fact that it's biochemically 3 fatty acid chains away from being a complete lipid (fat)  lol1 lol1

Seriously I couldn't imagine ingesting it let alone ingesting it in order to cling to dear life.

All of the things that baby Sasha represents... that his birth is a reminder of as far as Semyon Zolotaryov's progeny... it's insanely difficult for me to wrap my mind around.

Semyon by all accounts should have died of starvation or on the front lines. His own government made a genocide of his people that fought to gain Russia much of its lost territory BACK. Nice debt of gratitude there--starve them.

Hunger is a very VERY personal thing to me. I have such an issue with people going hungry. I always have since a young age. Events such as the Holocaust and the Holdomor... they rip me apart inside as a person with a soul. Perhaps I'm weird in that I enjoy listening to others tell their account of what they endured--the hardships. I feel like those thing keep my own life in perspective.

By the way, since we've all decided to become to blunt with one another in these last few disturbingly hostile posts, this is my way of toning it down a little bit.

Per Inge Oestmoen:
Fortunately, there is no genuine hostility here.

Before becoming a nursing student, I was a history major. My particular interest was in Western Civilization. The things is, once western civilization started going beyond colonization/Middle Passage/Elizabethan age, I started having a hard time keeping up. At this particular moment in history not only does Western Europe begin to develop very seriously out of the Dark Ages but this is the point that Eastern European history really starts to take off and Russia becomes a super player. It seemed that before Europe treated Kievan Rus through the Mongol conquests to Peter the Great & Ivan the Terrible as the red-headed stepchild and just allowed the territory to go buck wild and raise itself just as you'd expect of out deadbeat parents too consumed with their own selves to be bothered with their kids until the parents (France?) age and get sick THEN decide to make a phone call and connect after all the years of neglect and pretending that their kids were the greatest thing they'd ever done in their lives (Russia.) Before we know it, Marie Antoinette loses her head and the Napoleonic Wars land in Russia. This is the point that my history books REALLY started to inclulde Russian politics into the courses.

So at this point the first semester of Western Civilization ends and the Spring semester brings the second half of Western Civ to present day. And this is where Russia and all those Eastern European territories go absolutely CRAZY with territory lust and serfdom falls out of fashion but only in favor of a new way to handcuff the people to industrialization. Bla bla bla, Romanov dynasty murdered by Bolshevics along with Rasputin who just wouldn't die it seemed launching Russia into a civil war of reds versus whites, Lenin's communist revolution followed immediately with Stalin and Stalinism. The rapid industrialization under Stalin means that the patriotic Russian duty is work. You work until your arms & legs are stretched. You work until your fingers are nubs. You work until your backs are broken just in time for surprise!: Holdomore, Famine, World War 2, Gulag prison labor camps when you're no longer able to produce work and the cost of feeding you becomes how shall I put it? Futile? The death of Stalin brings us into a kinder, gentler communism: Kruschev aaaaaaaand Dyatlov Pass is right there with that Kruschev Thaw.

See what I mean? Crazy! Just CrAzInEsS!!!! And that's just one flippin' area of this rock. Without needing to say as much, this course took off from day one and did not stop.

So my being drawn to the Dyatlov Pass Incident has a lot to do with the fact that my first love is history.

And here we have all of these players that are not only the product of so much civil unrest and chaos, but later and much too early in their young lives they became the victims of it.

Ultimately my point in this comment is that here we have this baby that's completely fallen through all of the cracks in the systems put into place no matter how tightly monitored by the government. All of that civil unrest has come to this one year old child that just disappears from history and all existence! And I'm not even sure if it's not for the better or worse.


--- Quote from: Vietnamka on May 28, 2018, 07:04:49 PM ---Completely random I found the leader of the tourist  group Alexandr Kolevatov was a member while he has been living  in Moscow. It change my vision about him a lot. May be Kolevatov even more unknown person then semen)

--- End quote ---

I know this is off-topic and I'll happily move this conversation along to Kolevatov's respective thread, but what exactly do you mean here Galina?

Galina's answer about Kolevatov is here


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