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Jean Daniel Reuss:

--- Quote from: градиент on September 19, 2019, 04:14:14 AM ---Hello.
...And that's what we have at the moment.Three Zolotarev.

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We have to thank gradient for writing 20 (19 folds + 1) messages with interesting information about Zolotaryov.
But it is a bit long, or maybe incomplete, I was not able to fully understand. There are 3 hypotheses left.

Hypothesis number 1
There were two Zolotaryov brothers

         1 -  Alekseevich Alexander  Zolotaryov, alias Semyon, alias Sacha, born in 1921, dead in 1959.
         2 -  Nikolay Alekseevich Zolotaryov, born in 1903,  dead in 1943.

This is the most likely hypothesis, but it does not explain the tattoos on the forearms (not seen before).

« On the reverse of the right hand near the base of the thumb there is the tattoo ‘Gena’ (‘Гена’). On the reverse of the right forearm in the medium third there is a tattoo of a beetroot [picture] and ‘letters + С’; the reverse side of the left forehand has a tattoo with the image ‘G.S.’ DAERMMUAZUAYA’ (‘Г.С.’ ДАЕРММУАЗУАЯ’), a five-point star and the letter ‘С’, the letters Г+С+П = Д’ and the number 1921. »

See Natalya Varsegova and Nikolay Varsegov  :

  Hypothesis number 2, unlikely
« Before the New Year [1959], having received permission to hike, he [Zolotaryov] goes to his home in Lermontov for the New Year's holidays. At home, suffering from loneliness, Semyon decides to tattoo himslef in memory of his only friends, the ones he had while fighting the war. Now he has nothing to fear that with such tattoos he will not be hired to work with children, because he is no longer going to work as a teacher.»

Zolotaryov's meltdown (Author Aleksandr Surkov)

Hypothesis number 3, unlikely
September 19, 2019, 01:14:14 PM  Reply #19

     And that's what we have at the moment.Three Zolotarev.

         1 - Alexander Alekseevich born in 1921... : Semyon = Sacha, dead in 1959 with Dyatlov's group .
         2 - Seeds Alekseevich.  =  a twin brother mentionned "Reply #2".
Which of them,on January 20, 1959, came to Sogrin?
         3 - Nikolay Alekseevich Zolotaryov : the "traitor" born in 1903, dead in 1943.


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