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Title: Yudin's conclusions on clothing
Post by: Teddy on September 03, 2020, 04:09:03 AM
Dyatlov was found in an unbuttoned fur sleeveless vest - outer side blue cotton, inner side dark grey fur. It belonged to Yudin. Case files say he left the vest to Kolevatov, but Yudin himself said in 2008 he gave it to Doroshenko when they parted in 2nd Northern. This letter sheds light on the manner case files were signed and investigation was conducted. Galina Sazonova has also made a point of more discrepancies in the Resolution to close the case (https://dyatlovpass.com/ivanov-resolution?rbid=18461). It is not necessarily indicative of a cover up (or is it?), just the way things were back in 1959. You trust the organs to do the right thing. Then changes come and we no longer find it proper, we try to find a motive, looking in all directions.

Yudin's conclusions on clothing

Dear Aleксander! I am answering Olga's questions from the TAU forum.

Respectfully   Y. Yudin (signature)     May 14, 2008
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Title: Re: Yudin's conclusions on clothing
Post by: Teddy on September 03, 2020, 08:44:27 AM
But this is not quite it.
Doroshenko had borrowed the same type vest from a friend before the trek. This is a line from the protocol of identification of the items by relatives:
Case file 240 (back) (https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-233-257#sheet240back)
3. Sleeveless fur vest borrowed from Farid Gaynutdinov, course R-463

In the protocol of the items found in the tent Yudin said that the following items belonged to Kolevatov. Note that they were not found on Kolevatov, so Yudin could have been easily mistaken. This could be Doroshenko's vest, and he could have unwillingly contributed to the mess in the case files. Ivanov is not solely to blame.
Case files 16 (https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-11-20#8)
8. Identified as Kolevatov's belongings: black backpack.
Blanket of soldier cloth, jackets and pants, fur vest...

On the other hand Kolevatov's relatives did not identify any such vest, so it must belong to someone else.