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--- Quote from: Loose}{Cannon on May 29, 2018, 09:02:48 PM ---
--- Quote ---So was there alcohol or not
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Yes, and it would appear to be two flasks/jars, because SLOBTSOVs group took one back to camp day 1 of 'inspecting' the tent.  TEMPALOV found one that was still inside the tent.    tongue2

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I thought I read somewhere that one flask certainly belonged to Kolevatov. The one that the initial search party used for their toast that evening when somebody stepped out of line and suggested they were drinking to the dead rather than the lost is actually the medicinal alcohol that was brought with them as part of the emergency/first aid supplies.

NOTE: I will gladly move this inquisition to another appropriate thread if we have one just tell me where.

Do you drink rubbing alcohol?

From what I read.....  nothing about medicinal alcohol, and Im guessing nobody actually knows who owned the (2) containers. 


--- Quote from: CalzagheChick on May 30, 2018, 01:13:58 PM ---You need to consider seeing a physician for that serious ADHD you have. I don't know how you are able to turn over so much information at the speed that you do, but Adderall is a hellofa drug.

Whatever keeps you moving all over this site, navigating it like nobody's business, knowing every detail of every document available to support every argument that exists in the forum. Kill the competition like a man on a mission, eh? THIS IS NOT NORMAL! Your handle, LC, is insanely fitting. You are indeed a rogue agent among us and unpredictable as all get-out.

Look, I get tired just looking for the supporting evidence for any discrepancies I need to hand over to Teddy to be fixed or even just if I want to write a thread to stimulate Forum activity. You seem to be able to jump from document to document and the documents are spread from one end of the Site to the other in semi-organizational order. What you are doing is taking evidence from the victims section for example and another thing from the search party category then you go into the Forum and pepper your thread with bits and pieces from conversations...but it's like you know every single document that exists within the entirety of the Site, and you know exactly where to find it whenever you need it at any given time. Not just that, you know exactly what singular evidenciary piece you need to copy/paste within the document or circle within a photograph.  Then to pull all of it together in one argument in one place....

You work like you yourself are a computer. We can't even begin to keep up with you!You need methamphetamines man!

I honestly think that whole thing should be featured on the front page of the Site authored by you! It's truly great work.

Also, I think you should cut and paste it to somehow fit in with the Inspection of the Tent thread in Case Files since this is under Witness Testimonies.

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Bah...    Your too kind!     Its just a collection of testimonies regarding the tent and my commentary.   

That's the problem. Everything is so spread out it's hard to keep up with everything and in this case it comes together to put everything into perspective in one place. That's what we need to be doing with a lot of the other evidence!


--- Quote from: Loose}{Cannon on May 29, 2018, 08:15:24 PM ---Now.....    lets take a look at this inspection of the tent case file and the analysis of the cuts that were reported as having been made from the inside.

--- Quote ---As a result of the foregoing, and when examining the edges of all the damages on the tent, one can conclude that three damages /conditionally marked № 1, 2, 3 / came as a result of contact with some sharp weapon /knife/, i.e. are cuts. Yet the rest of the damage is a tear.
--- End quote ---

So the cuts shown above are the ONLY ones of the ENTIRE tent that are reported to be cut from the inside. 

Now.......   Does anyone here believe NINE full size adult bodies jumped out of those holes? 

Where are the analysis reports on cuts made from the outside?

Is it possible said 'inside' cuts are nothing more then a result of being chopped/dug out of the icy hardened snow using shovels and ice axes?  Or perhaps the results of having been dragged 700m = 1/2 mile over sharp rocks and ice?

Is it possible said inside cuts were created after damage to the tent resulted in the material being peeled back exposing the inside making it now..... the outside? 

It is of my opinion that there can be NO declaration based on any substantive evidence the 9 victims ever sliced their way out of the tent to begin with. And along with that, any theory solely based on them having done so is HEAVILY flawed. 

Those who saw the tent after the search students "worked" with it attributed the cuts made by the search students to Igor Dyatlov's group. Then, based on this false "fact", a legend was created that Igor Dyatlov's group cut the tent during their departure.

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What an impressive and valuable collection of material!  clap1

My reading of Churkina's report is that she studied all damage and could only identify three cuts. All of these were made from the inside. So that would mean there are no cuts made from the outside.

Cuts 2 and 3 may have been longer or even connected, given that the canvas was obviously already lost when Churkina analyzed the tent.

I agree that many options are conceivable as a cause of these cuts. To me, the Dyatlov group remains one of them. Escape may not have been the initial reason to cut the tent though.

The notion of "torn" is one of the red lines in the testemonies. Just one point which may be worth keeping in mind in interpreting these statements. These people certainly talked to each other and whitnesses and their memories are often easily influenced by others (a sufficiently influential person amomg them suffices). One sign for this is common terminology. No idea whether this is relevant here. Just a remark and of course I do not know the Russian text...


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