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Why they didn't unpack and light the stove?

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from what I have found, there was no need for a night without the stove going, for the level 3.

As well, I have been investigating what was found at the tent and while 9 blankets were found, and a few were said to be wool, would a blanket be enough to stay warm in a tent that was on a windy slope with tears that had to be repaired on a regular basis?

I can't see not setting the stove up and making sure wood was brought along just in case. The diary said it was so windy, they knew it was exposed.

 Even if they wanted to test themselves, which is as likely as not, to not set it up incase makes zero sense, especially with only blankets, nothing about sleeping bag and the russian forum also said in a few places that they didn't have sleeping bags

and how does the den fit into going to get wood? The labaz was supposed to have firewood in it that they left behind so they didn't run out but at what point was the den made?

There is also this idea about cold nights

"January 30,
... Today is the third cold overnight stay on the shore of Auspia. We're starting to get sucked in. The stove is a great thing."

Judging by these records, tourists considered it cold to spend the night outside the heated housing. Specifically in the tent. But the stove was used."

cold overnight

To Whom It May Concern:

Tent/Stove, during the investigation, it was reported that "copy and paste":
Igor Dyatlov created this suspended stove, on the drawing the chimney is assembled and the stove is showing suspended but the search party found them on the floor of the tent.....

So what we have is the Search Party admitting that Igor Stove was in the tent....?????  In the Case Files 11-20...Sheet 13 does not mention "STOVE" but it does in Sheet 19 Inventory of clothes and shoes property of the Dyatlov group, located in the storage room of the Ivdel airport, The Stove is listed....

Question: Who picked up Igor Dyatlov items in Case Files 11-20 and the Stove/Pipes in the storage room on Sheet 19...Who has Igor Dyatlov "Stove"?

Thank You
Kathleen Dee Smith

Not sure what you mean but on sheet 17, the stove and pipes are mentioned.

Sheet 17

Not identified:

singlet knitted, red worn down,
sweater black new vigogne,
sweater blue new vigogne,
sweater brown old vigogne,
linen towel,
scarf woolen white,
trousers satin, black, training,
pants black, satin, mens.
2 snow mask.
dark brown fur hat.
fur collar black
leather for shoes (repair kit)
handkerchiefs 2 pieces (white, embroidered with green flowers and ladies hanky)
tourniquets 2 pcs, glasses approx. -4 - 4.5 D in green case, flashlight "zhuchok"
tooth brush, white, Chinese,
axes - 2 large, 1 small
two-handed saw, in a case.
skis - 1 pair, ice axe - 1 pc.
Utensils: spoons - 7, mugs - 5, aluminum cups - 3, buckets - 2, stove with stovepipe.


Who accepted the items regarding Igor Dyatlov, there is a difference in the list...Case File 11-20 what was itemized on Sheet 13 and the difference on Sheet 19 where the stove/pipes are at Ivendal Airport.. I'm talking about the Stove...who has the Stove ????

Kathleen Dee Smith


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