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Nina (???)                                                                                                                                                               
scissors small curved


Accountancy Shalashov                                                                                                                                                   
receives money for                                                                                                                                                 
Suslov Tatiana?? Fyodorovna?Polikarpovna                                                                                                     
her assigned disability pension                                                                                                                                 
once, when there was a change of accountants = 315 rubles                                                                                                                                         
and so RUR 50 and then not at all                                                                                                                                                     
now give the (???)

for (???) have to fight a few facts-those


By Thibault worked Sverdl in (Trust 89) Chief Inspector Bushkov                                                                                                                   
Since 1954, there she is no

Lyudka (???) Dubinina


newspaper with a lottery

We arrived by car without brakes, broken springs, etc., (only  in the taiga, you can ride on any machine.) in the village. 41 quarter
Ognev Nick? since 1931. - long beard. He knows the whole of the Northern Urals. Wouldshaft participant of many  several geological expeditions. Understands on many issues. He graduated from the Ufa Technical College.
By car (per cat.)gr.we came, brought 3 movies: "In people" by Gorky,? "Is there such a guy"? and the "Golden Symphony". 
"In people" -normal  never in the city or in the usual situation would not go to this movie. How it seems that there is an interesting, long seen, why waste time. 
Here - you lookand ... only  and from the very first shots you feel that the picture is new for you, different eyes than before, and how many new thoughts are replaced by one another under the impression of what was seen on the screen.
Grandmother plays excellently. And in general, everything, full penetration into the role. Wealth,


, importance of thoughts, content, and all this follows by itself, without any imposition ...from itself as in a life without words on simple ??? person and
Immediately another recently released picture. The guy - the heroes here, the artists show them this way, they only appear to be what they say at the moment and even it's not clear where and with what things they got those or other phrases and actions. It seems that in addition to what they (the heroes) said, they have nothing more to say, not to do.  For such heroes  it is clearly not clear what the matter is, can it seems to me a weak, superficial scenario, a bad director, bad artists and in the rez-those - it seems  on the screen are not living people full of thoughts, lives that can

themselves be the source of stories, but some kind of automatic machines tuned in a special program, and a poet. from the whole movie - no idea. It would be possible to say in advance what the matter is, to show the heroes and say what will end. For 5 minutes - the whole movie.
"The Golden Symphony" - austr. About ballet on ice. The ballet itself is a good show. What good skating rinks, skill, there can be a technique of execution, but feelings, thoughts in dances - no. Maybe thismusic to me just not income.  Only it seems to me? Light music in places is excellent, it can not be better, but in general not (t) one feels the Person, his soul. Maybe that's why, everyone watched the movie, they say: "How good and feels that something is missing, they say" to see it in real life really "


We are warm here, well received.go to all sorts of  We gave the only horse available here to take our backpacks tomorrow to North-2 and free
Lesoshchastok about200150 km? from such a northern town as Ivdel. There is no radio, no newspapers. (I still can not check the lottery, I promised them to send this newspaper immediately from Sverdlovsk). They live in a hostel. No order, but peoplethere is people everywhere. Read what is at hand and how to sing ... Quietly, from the heart. The songs are old, which we forgot and never knew. Here they are ... It's so good! 

Why do not we sing such good, already forgotten songs. And in general we havehave long been singing obdu  in places where there are some outsiders, do not sing at all, without a soul, loudly. We must fight for the culture of choral singing. Voices and change the repertoire. So as not to be empty  screamingsong-trinkets.
Loggers are working poorly, the organization of work and life is lame. Are they paying poorly? Strike. You can do everything, but there is no good intelligent leadership. Master - once he studied and did not finish the Moscow Forestry Institute. The workers are very different. Who after the army (earnings), who after liberation (earn and remain, who are free). 


They do not live much, - they leavecs WorkThe majority - education is primary or none at all. But there are widely erudite and even, it is impossible to meet them in the city, I would never have thought that this is a person who spends all his time in the taiga.   
Grandpa Glory. Funny, somehow people do not think how this or that name will sound in the appendix to the grandfather or the uncle ... What a funny grandfather!
Until 1953, sat and grabbed someone horrible innocent then figured out and cleaned up, and all povysgonyali by amnesty

27 We spent the night in the hut of the 2nd Northern settlement. Bol Many, many houses, warehouses, premises, zabrold machines, machine tools. Everything was abandoned since 1952. Here worked geological. expedition. that they could have been taken out, the rest was activated and abandoned, the houses are all destroyed, there is only one where there is a stove and windows with glass. The place is nice picturesque. The Lozva River is wide. Lots of lime. rocks. Grandfather Slava, says that in summer you can go to the ford, many warm, hot keys. Frequent non-freezing polynyas andwater chua place where ice-free water is always under a snowball and after such places it is necessary to peel ice from the skis.


Pos. Vizhay - camp (???) you can buy products.
Apothecary - artist Herzen ?. German, the wife is a German. In the family of an idyll. On the walls, relief paintings with filigree decoration, very masterfully, unusually finely executed.Thousands  Casket - a view of Lozva in the summer and the same in winter, other caskets, paintings - everywhere. The big ones. In the pharmacy - wax of a red wax roses, everywhere fluorescent composition, the Kremlin - from test tubes with fluorescent compositions, will light. Hours manual "victory" are built in. They go daily. Unusuallypolitegentle, kind 

person. Wife, German, very affable, hospitable
For medicines - ill with soul. For children, he keeps the best medicine. I was very much requested to take penicilin in tablets in Ivdeli, he has very little (for children), it is difficult to get good medication.


Boring, everyone was tired of the lecture and something  After all, it's so good somewhere to make a new, new thought, a new direction in the conversation ... individual"

Wow I get the impression that Yuri Yudin was an incredibly deep person. His imagery and attention to detail certainly isn't something we see in most other journals. I certainly wish it were so.


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