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Aparently the original no longer exists, so no pics.  cry2

23, 1959.

So, back on the trip! Now we are sitting in a 531 room, or rather, of course, we are not sitting, and all feverishly stuff in their backpacks all sorts of oatmeal, cans, stew. The clerk stands and looks to see everyone coming in.

"Where are my pims?" Yu.K. In the tram in the mandolin will play?
- Of course! Salt is forgotten! - 3 kg.
Igor! Where are you? - Where is Doroshenko, why does not he take 20 packs? Give 15 copecks. call! Bezmen, besmen where? Do not wear out, damn! Knife from whom?
It will fit in, it will fit in, too.
"Yura, take this to the station."

Slava Hamzov came (an error in the document, should be Khalizov - in 1096).
Hi Hi! Give 15 copecks!

Luda considers money, big money. The room is an artistic mess.
And here we are on the train. There are a lot of transcriptions, many songs, new ones have been learned, and everyone is moving to places already at 3 o'clock in the morning. I wonder what awaits us in this campaign? What will be new? Yes, the boys today solemnly swore not to smoke the whole trip. I wonder how much they have the willpower, can they manage without cigarettes? All are laid down to sleep, and the Ural taiga stands outside the windows.

Z. Kolmagorov

January 24.

7.00. We arrived in Serov. We traveled with Blinov's group. They have Olva for hunting and other supplies. The station was met with horror as hospitable: they did not let in the room, and the policeman pricked up his ears; in the city everything is calm, no crimes and violations, as under communism; and then Y. Krivo wrapped the song, he was seized and taken away at once.
Noting for the memory of Mr. Krivonischenko, the sergeant gave an explanation that paragraph 3 of the rules int. The order at the stations forbids violating the peace of passengers. This is probably the first station where songs are banned and where we were sitting without them.

Sheet 22

Finally settled until the evening () (blank brackets in the original - in 1096). We go to Ivdel from Serov at 6.30 in the school () (so! -1096) next to the station. Very warmly received. The landlady (she is also a cleaning lady) warmed us up with water, provided everything she could and what we needed to prepare for the trip.
Free all day. I want to go to the city, for example, in the local history museum and on an excursion to the met.zavod, but much work with the distribution of equipment and its preparation.
12-2.00. Between the 1 st and 2 nd shifts, a meeting was organized with the students. Filled them so much, so many and all such curious.
Zolotarev: "Children, now we will tell you ... Tourism happens, it gives an opportunity ..." Everyone is sitting, silent, afraid.
Z. Kolmogorova: "Tra-ta-ta-ta, as you here call, where were you, uh, our fellows and lived in tents! ... and went, and went ... The

questions were no end. I had to show and explain every little thing from the flashlight to the tent. The guys took 2 hours, they did not want to let us go. They sang songs to each other. The entire school saw us off at the station. The case ended when, when we left, the children roared and shouted, asked Zina to stay with them and be their leader, they would all listen to her and study well.
In the car some young alcoholic demanded from us half a liter and stated that we pulled it from his pocket. The story ended again, the second time that day, by the intervention of a policeman.

Dispute-talk about love on the provocation of Z. Kolmogorova. Songs, audit, Dubinin under the seat, garlic with bread without water, and we arrived at Ivdel at about 12.00.

Great waiting room. Complete freedom of action. In turn, they were on duty all night. The bus for Vizhay will be released early in the morning.

January 25, 1959.
We got up at half past five, quickly gathered and left for the city of Ivdel with the first bus. After an hour of waiting, we managed to grab a bus (such as GAZ-51). The twenty-five-seater bus was forced to accommodate a full twenty-five plus twenty backpacks packed to capacity and as many pairs of skis. We were full up to the ceiling. First layer passengers sat on the seats, on a pile of skis, on backpacks. Second layer passengers sat on the backs of the seats, finding a place for legs on the shoulders of comrades. It was not so tight, however, as not to sing, so we did it almost all the way to Vizhay.
The trip was not uneventful. The bus made a small detour away from the highway, in the village of Shipichnoe, and we were given the chance to step out, which we did with pleasure. Four of the most agile went far ahead to the settlement of Talitsa to see the power station. Suddenly the heard: "The bus." We rush out the door, but, alas, it was too late. The bus passed by and we were forced to chance after it as fast as we can, hoping fate would be merciful and, perhaps, we would catch up with it (I am part of the "agile" four). However, the first hundred meters clearly demonstrated the advantages of a fifty horse power engine. Our heels flashed far behind the bus, and the gap widened. The prospect to walk about thirty kilometers on the highway with no breakfast and lunch already seemed quite real, when suddenly ... I mentioned that fate is merciful. The mercy came in the form of a girl going to Vizhay that hailed the bus and stopped the object of our persecution. A minute later we were already safely sitting on the second floor of the seats and traveling to Vizhay. We arrived in Vizhay about two pm. It turned out that we can continue our automobile journey in the next morning. 
Warmly said goodbye to Blinov's group, who went further (to the west of Vizhay in the deep forest area). After dinner, which was held in a warm "friendly atmosphere," we moved to the "hotel", which was the usual hut with three windows. We went to the cinema, leaving "home" Doroshenko and Kolevatov. We watched the "Golden Symphony", came back in "musical mood". Now we are busy getting ready the equipment. Tonight, according to the local commandant, we will leave on.

24 were
We slept in the so-called. "Hotel" Who is on beds for 2 people, and Sasha K. and Yura Krivo even on the floor between the beds. We went up at 9 o'clock in the morning. They slept well, in spite of the fact that they did not close the bolt in the evening and a little bit by the morning.
On the street -17 ° C.
To cook in the morning did not become, wood raw, in the evening while cooked hours 6 passed. Breakfast went to the dining room (so - in 1096) entrenched goulash "on-stolovski" and tea.
When the cold tea was served, Gosya Dyatlov uttered with grins: "If the tea is cold, then go out and drink it on the street - it will be hotter." An original thought. We agreed and go to 41 sites by car.
We left only at 13-10, and in 41-m were about 16-30. Went great, drove to GAZ-63 upstairs.
While riding, singing songs, discussed on various topics from the topic of love and friendship, to the problems of cancer and their cure.
On the 41st we were met with pleasantness, we took a separate room in the hostel. We talked for a long time about all sorts of differences with local workers, one of them was especially remembered by a red-bearded "Beard", as his comrades call it.
We cooked lunch on duty, we ate and now rest, divided into two halves - part went to the next room to watch movies, another part sits on backpacks, who does what. Rustic plays the mandolin and talks to Kolya at the same time, the girls are sitting rewriting the songs, and I'm going to adjust the equipment now.

26.I.59 g.
I can not, although I tried       
Kolya Tibo
Liszt 25
27.I.59 The
weather was good, the wind had to blow in the back along the way. The guys agreed that before the 2nd North the ryuki would take the horse. From the 41st to 24 km. We helped Grandfather Slava unload the hay and wait for the horse (she left behind the hay, wood). Waited up to 4 hours.
The guys started to play songs. One guy sang beautifully. Heard a number of songs of prohibited prison (58 article). Ognev told Igor how to find a hut in which you can spend the night. At 4 o'clock we started.
Pre-bought four loaves of bread. Soft warm bread. 2 pieces ate.
The horse is slow. How nice to go without backpacks.
We went for 2 hours 8 km. (the Ushma River).
It's getting dark already. All the delay because of the horse. Yura Yudin is traveling with us. He suddenly fell ill and can not go on a campaign. There he decided to get stones for the institute.
The 2nd North is an abandoned geological village of 20-25 houses. One is only suitable for housing. Late at night, in the darkness of the village they found a settlement and only on the ice hole guessed where the hut was. A bonfire burned out of the boards. I started to smoke the stove. Several people pierced their nails. All is well. So the horse came up. And after dinner in a hotly heated hut on the beds rushed jokes until 3 o'clock in the morning.

Sheet 26
January 28
Morning woke up all the droning tones of Jyrki Kri and Sasha Kolevatov. The weather is still decreasing for us, for -8 °.
After breakfast, some of the children, led by Yura Yudin, our famous geologist, went to the core storage, hoping to collect some materials for the collection. Nothing except pyrite and veins of quartz in the rock there was not. They gathered for a long time: they smeared skis, adjusted the mounts Yurka Yudin today leaves home. It's a pity, of course, to part with him, especially Zina and me, but there's nothing to be done.
We left at 11-45. We go up along the river Lozva. Each torit trail for 10 minutes. The depth of snow this year is much less than in the past. Chsto has to stop and scrape off the wet snow from the skis, because there are still such unfrozen places. Yuri Cree goes behind and makes a crook of the route. The banks of the river in the region of the 2nd North are rocky, especially the right bank, then the rocks (folded from limestone) are only caught in places and eventually the banks become shallow, completely covered with forest.
We rise on a halt at 5-30 on the bank of Lozvy. Today is our first night in a tent. The guys are fumbling with the stove, sewing a canopy from the sheet. After doing something and not doing something, we sit down to supper. After dinner, we sit around the campfire for a long time, singing sincere songs. Zina is even trying to learn the mandolin under the direction of our main musician Rusimka (that's how! -1096). Then, again and again, the discussion resumes, with all our discussions that have been over this time, mainly about love. Someone comes to mind stenografirovat all our statements or to get on this account a special notebook. After talking, we crawl into the tent. The hanging stove is hot and divides the tent into two compartments. In the far compartment is Zina and me. Nobody wants to sleep near the stove and decided to put Yurka Kri there (on the other hand there is Sasha Kolevatov on duty). Yurka, after lying down for about two minutes, does not stand up and moves to the second compartment, while scoring curses and accusing us of betrayal. After that, they could not fall asleep for a long time, they were arguing about something, but finally everything was quiet.
29.I.59. The second day, when we go skiing. We went from spending the night on Lozva to spending the night on the river. Auspia. We walked along the Mansi trail. The weather is good. -13. The wind is weak. Often on Lozve we meet naledi. All.
Kolya Thibaut.
Sheet 27

January 30, 1959. The

diary is written on the way, in the frost, on the run.

Today is the third cold night on the shore of Auspia. We begin to be drawn in. The stove is a great thing. Some (Thibaut and Krivonischenko) are thinking of constructing steam heating in a tent. The canopy - hanging sheets justify. Rise at 8.30. After breakfast we go along the river Auspia, but again these ice sheets do not allow us to move forward. We went along the sledge-deer trail. In the middle of the way we met the parking lot of Mansi. Yes, Muncie, Muncie, Muncie. This word is found in our conversation more and more. Mansi is the people of the north. Malontational Khanty-Mansiyskiy n. with the center of Salihard - 8 thousand people. Very interesting and peculiar people inhabiting the Northern Zaular Ural, closer to the Tyumen region. They have a written language, their own language, and what is characteristic and of particular interest are forest serifs and special badges.


Weather: temperature in the morning 17 With the

day - 13 With the

evening of 26 C. The

wind is strong, south-west, snow is falling, clouds are thick, sharp drop. The temperature is typical of the Northern Urals.

This is a kind of forest story. These icons indicate the seen animals, the parking lots, various signs, and read or unravel them is of particular interest to both the tourist and historians.

The reindeer's trail is over, the path has begun, and then it is over. The virgin lands were very difficult to walk, snow up to 120 cm deep. The forest is gradually thinning, the height is felt, the birches and pines are dwarfish and ugly. It's impossible to walk along the river - it did not freeze, and under the snow, water and ice, immediately on the track, we go again by the shore. The day is slipping towards evening, we need to look for a place for bivzak. Here is the stop for the night. The wind is strong west, knocking snow off the cedar and pine trees, creating the impression of a snowfall.
As always, we quickly build a fire and put the tent on the berger. Went warm by the fire and went to sleep.

Leaf 28
January 31, 1959

Today, the weather is slightly worse - the wind (western), snow (apparently, with oil) for the sky is absolutely clean.

We left relatively early (about 10 am). We go along the beaten Mansi ski trail. (So ​​far we walked along the Mansi trail, on which a hunter drove a deer for a very long time.)

Yesterday we met, apparently, his overnight stay, the deer did not go any further, the hunter himself did not go along the notches of the old path, in his wake we are going now .

Today was a surprisingly good overnight stay, warm and dry, despite the low temperature (-18 ° -24 °). Today it is especially difficult to go today. The trace is not visible, we often get off it or go groping. Thus we pass 1.5-2 km per hour.

We are developing new methods for more productive walking. The first drops the backpack and goes 5 minutes, then returns, rests for 10-15 minutes, after catching up with the rest of the group. Thus was born the non-stop way of laying skis. Especially hard for this second, who goes on a ski track, torenoi first, with a backpack. Gradually separated from Auspia, the rise is continuous, but quite smooth. And then the firs came to an end, a rare birch-tree went. We went to the forest border. The wind is western, warm piercing, the wind speed is similar to the air speed when the plane is rising. Nast, naked places. About the device lobaza even think not to. About 4 hours. It is necessary to choose a lodging for the night. We descend to the south - to the valley of Auspia. This is probably the most snowfall place. The wind is small in snow 1.2-2 m thick. Tired, exhausted, set to work overnight. A few firewood. Sliced ​​raw spruce. Bonfire bred on logs, reluctant to dig a hole. We dine right in the tent. Heat. It is difficult to imagine a similar coziness somewhere on the ridge, with a piercing howling wind, a hundred kilometers from populated areas.


--- Quote ---Today, the weather is slightly worse - the wind (western), snow (apparently, with oil) for the sky is absolutely clean.
--- End quote ---

Has anyone an idea, what "snow (apparently, with oil)" might mean? Is it some kind of phase I'm unfamiliar with? Is it a typo? Is it still a mystery?


--- Quote from: Missi on January 31, 2021, 01:22:39 PM ---
--- Quote ---Today, the weather is slightly worse - the wind (western), snow (apparently, with oil) for the sky is absolutely clean.
--- End quote ---

Has anyone an idea, what "snow (apparently, with oil)" might mean? Is it some kind of phase I'm unfamiliar with? Is it a typo? Is it still a mystery?

--- End quote ---

Rutschiger Schnee. I understand a little bit Russian and little more English. Also i think, that is a phrase for slippery snow. I hope that slipery the correct word is.


--- Quote from: Missi on January 31, 2021, 01:22:39 PM ---
--- Quote ---Today, the weather is slightly worse - the wind (western), snow (apparently, with oil) for the sky is absolutely clean.
--- End quote ---

Has anyone an idea, what "snow (apparently, with oil)" might mean? Is it some kind of phase I'm unfamiliar with? Is it a typo? Is it still a mystery?

--- End quote ---

Apparently there was snow blowing off the Pine trees giving the impression of a snow fall. There wasnt a snow fall at that time because the sky was clear.

I have just read the Diary in Russian and if i understand correctly, it said: Today the Weather is little worse, Wind (western), Snow (obviously it is on Pine trees)[that probably means that is not snowing] so the Sky is completely clear


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