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I thought storing nuclear waste safely is a problem to this day. Our best option might be to shoot it into the Sun but it's too expensive to make economic sense. So we bury it but who knows if earthquakes, or even just slow tectonic movements might one day crush the containers and let the waste enter the water cycle..

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Check out this article.
Note   : If true then a lot of research is ongoing and no doubt secret  !

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Have you seen any follow up on this since 2007?  Its an amazing discovery if it works and if there is a larger scale of it!!  Can you imagine the possibilities for energy production?!  I mean, it could also make for an amazing zombie storyline, like the plastic eating bacteria from Asia.  Nature never ceases to amaze me!

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I havnt seen any follow up in the news but that doesnt mean that things arent being done. Lots of research going on all the time. Lets not forget that there is competition in the World of industry. And from that follows a certain amount of secrecy.

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I have actually found some more recent research on the mineral, Ivanukite.  It seems that there is even ongoing research to develop a synthetic version.  Very interesting stuff!  If it pans out, it would be a much more safe alternative than vitrification. 


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