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The devil is in the details

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There are many baffling details in the Dyatlov case. I'll mention two that really bug me:
• The flashlight on top of the tent. If it was placed there by the hikers as a beacon to find their way back to the tent, why wasn't it turned on (the batteries still worked when the searchers found it weeks later)? Why was there snow under it, but not on top of it? Was it placed there not as a beacon, but for some other reason? If a third party was involved that fateful night, why did they allow the flashlight to be placed there? Or did someone from the third party put it there? Or as put forth in "1079," did someone involved in the staging place it there and then forgot it was there?

• Why was Dyatlov's heavy coat found outside the tent (I believe I read that somewhere, but if I am mistaken, forgive me)? Did he grab it and then drop it rather then put it on? Did it get caught on another hiker's foot or leg when they all fled the tent? Did someone from a third party force him to take it off and drop it? Or again as suggested in "1079" did the staging team not know they dropped it as they hurried to place things back in the tent?

Sadly, when chain of custody can't be proven, we just don't get the conclusive answers we need.  The scene was contaminated and we are left with these puzzle pieces that we aren't even certain are for the puzzle we are piecing together.  Was the urine stain in the snow from the Dyatlov group, a searched, an animal?  We just won't know.  Where did the flashlight come from?  It could be the clue that solves the mystery but no one was ever able to definitively say.  Its these little things that bug me so much, lol!!!!

The only thing that gives us hope is that there is still someone alive who has been around and that he will tell the truth after so many years. Igor Pavlov said it was possible. Because a person (if one exists at all) is now supposed to be around 80 years old.

I agree with you Ren. An answer to a detail like the flashlight on top of the tent could start a chain of events that solves the mystery. The problem, of course, is getting a conclusive answer to that first, crucial detail.

No snow on top of the flashlight means it was placed there in recent days before the tent was found, with no snowfall in between.

It could also mean that sunlight that penetrated the snow a bit warmed up the dark material of the flashlight to melt the snow on it... Given the weather reports I looked at, days were quite short and most of them were cloudy at the time, so I don't think this explanation is viable.

So it was not a Dyatlov group member who placed the flashlight there.

I would also say that extensive snow cover on the tent, but not on the flashlight would mean that it also were not the "stagers" because even if the tent was staged by them, the flashlight must have been placed there much later after a snowstorm.
Or did they forget something and went back for it weeks later, perhaps at night?

I think we can also assume it was placed there at night, otherwise whoever left it there would realise their "mistake" and put it in the tent or put some snow on the flashlight.

Having said all this, imagine this incident happened today and a competent investigation is carried out, fingerprints are taken, and the person who last touched that flashlight is found. This still wouldn't link them to the incident... it is most likely someone who found the tent weeks later and may not even have taken anything, just looked in and then left their flashlight or one they found in the tent there... They probably didn't even know there were bodies down in the forest as they were under snow. So even if this piece of the puzzle is solved, I'm not sure it unravels the entire mystery.


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