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--- Quote from: Manti on July 25, 2021, 08:28:54 AM ---
--- Quote from: Investigator on July 24, 2021, 05:46:27 PM ---As to the obvious interpretation:  problem with the tent that they thought required immediate action,

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But the tent was found a month later with one side of it still standing, and one cut or tear. That is a problem but not an immediate one, it can be repaired like they have done on previous nights. And even if, let's assume, the tent was shredded to pieces somehow, that is still not an immediate emergency, they could still take 3 minutes and put on footwear, coats, gloves, and grab the saw and then walk down to the forest to start a campfire. Even a shredded tent is no worse than being outside with no shelter at all.

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This is where so many make mistakes in investigations, and I have mentioned in other threads an example from the Pat Brown book on profilling (the suicide that required 3 experts before they could figure it out, and in that case there were two good possibilities!).  If you want to try and recreate the two canvas tents sewn together under similar weather conditions with several people inside and no heat, then we would have something to talk about.  Before that is done, all we can do is look at what we have.  We do know that tents can develop icing or hard snow on their exteriors, and if part of the their tent was collapsing, they may have thought they had to attend to it ASAP and left it in a situation that they believed was "secure."  We also don't know what was frozen, such as the boots they used during the day, and what they could have put on, even if they wanted to dress better.  They (at least some of them) clearly thought they could survive by getting to the trees and starting a fire, so that is a key point here, even if they were 100% wrong about that, as we look back upon it.  What they thought of the tent when they left it is less clear.  Stay with what is clearer and then work back to the less clear elements of the case/incident.


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