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Disappearance of Zebb Quinn (Jan 2, 2000)


This disappearance of Zebb Quinn is one of my favorite unresolved mysteries, and it's perhaps more obscure than it deserves to be.  I first heard about it in the early 2010s.  Granted, a lot of the mystery evaporated between 2015 and 2017, when it became pretty clear than Quinn was a victim of foul play, and that his friend Robert Jason Owens--the last person known to have seen Quinn--was somehow involved.

But, the case nonetheless remains a real DOOZY because the ancillary details surrounding Quinn's disappearance are just plain bizarre!  Read the linked Wikipedia entry and you'll see what I mean!  Pay attention to the connections between the page Quinn got on his beeper on the night of his disappearance, the girl he liked, that girl's boyfriend, Quinn's paternal aunt, and the location/condition/contents of Quinn's car when it was found 4 days after his disappearance.

That is truly bizarre!

For more background info, here is a piece from SPIN magazine in 2001, which includes interviews with Zebb Quinn's family and friends.

There's no recent news on the case.  Robert Jason Owens has been indicted for Quinn's murder and is awaiting trial (which got delayed because of the pandemic).  However, one thing I recently learned (it's not news, but it is new to me) is that, from jail, Owens wrote a letter to his former neighbors in which he claims he witnessed his uncle Gene commit murder in January of 2000.  Is he trying to pin Quinn's murder on someone else?


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