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Per Inge Oestmoen:

--- Quote from: NightLurker on February 06, 2022, 05:40:22 PM ---I do like the way you think Miss Elizabeth. I have pretty much concluded that a second party was involved. They were attacked at the tent. The front door was blocked so cuts were made in the tent from the inside to escape. They were eventually subdued, but not without a fight. One of the party sustained very bad injuries and as they were marched down the hill the rest of the party had to help him walk. They were marched down side by side and near the treeline, the attackers (most possibly two of them and had firearms) proceed to beat them up one by one at the cedar tree with blunt objects.

Once the attackers KNEW that the party would not survive now, they left.

For what reason? I certainly don't know. Lots of speculation is running around out there. Maybe the attackers only wanted to get rid of one person and the others would have to be taken care of as to leave no witnesses.

--- End quote ---

The nine students may have tried to fight, but their attackers were no common criminals. The Dyatlov group had no chance whatsoever and must have been quickly subdued. The broken ribs are likely to have been caused by elbow strikes from skilled close combat specialists, as are the telltale injuries of Kolevatov:

"This autopsy had similar strange silence about the injuries of the victim. Broken nose, open wound behind the ear and deformed neck might be the result of a fight and be cause of death. On the other hand it could have been caused by natural elements since the body was exposed to nature for three whole months. Yet the doctor ignores this matter and doesn't try to explain the reason for these strange injuries. We should probably add that snapped neck and blow behind the ear is a common sign of killing performed by special forces." - Yes indeed. (

It is very probable that the nine students witnessed some state secrets there in the Urals. They were all loyal Soviet citizens, but the state authorities could not risk a single slip of the tongue: Some day in the future some of them might have told their spouses, friends or children. Thus they represented a threat to state security and had to be eliminated. They must be killed in such a way as to look like a natural accident. The fact that many people refuse to believe that the Dyatlov group was eradicated by professional, trained killers is testimony to the ruthlessness of the orchestrators and the skills of the attackers.

This is what I understand.


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