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My short take on murder.

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Maybe, but if in-fighting is a possibility then you seemingly have to be open to the idea someone was struck inside the tent. One has to wonder why only 8 sets of tracks were found, but they assumed 9 were there?   Perhaps someone was carried away from the tent/situation.  One thing about the tracks nobody seems acknowledge is that there are no time stamps on these tracks.  Did 2 individuals carry someone away and the rest followed later?  Who knows!

In addition,  I think there is entirely too much faith put into the idea that Igor, Zina, and Rustem died while attempting to return to the tent. The only reason why people assume this to be the case is because their orientations having their heads all facing the general direction of the tent?  Welp, common sense tells me that I have never seen anyone lay down on an incline/slope with their heads facing downward.  Its completely unnatural.   Think about it, if I told you to walk downhill, stop, and lay down...... would you instinctively go down with your head lower then your feet?  I would assume not.

I mean....  who ordered all these people to sit on this park hill like this?

Star man:
It’s possible it all started in the tent yes and you are right that there is no time stamp so they may have left in smaller groups.  But why would they do that?  Also if someone had forced the others to leave it’s unlikely that they themselves would leave the tent poorly dressed and without their boots. I don’t think anyone of them had all of their outdoor gear on?

The bodies on the slope could have been going either up or down. But one thing that is unlikely to be coincidental is that they were all in a straight line. This indicates that they were likely to all have started from the same place and were heading in the same direction. So they were probably travelling together. 

It seems that almost any theory can only be based on the most probable events.  Unless it’s possible to piece together more solid clues and evidence .

Well....  they were not actually in a straight line. They were staggered or offset.  This is expected in either scenario though as they had to follow the terrain.  This isnt a perfectly smooth slope, especially closer to the valley bottom.


--- Quote from: Loose}{Cannon on January 24, 2019, 07:44:35 AM ---In addition,  I think there is entirely too much faith put into the idea that Igor, Zina, and Rustem died while attempting to return to the tent.
--- End quote ---

Well, the reasoning would be it would make more sense for them to have died trying to return to the tent than coming down, since hypothermia wouldn't have set in yet, with Igor and Zina only having minor injuries. Unless one thinks they made it back to the tent and were on their way down, but then there is no evidence they successfully retrieved anything from the tent.

Or they were chased away from the cedar tree. I guess we don't have any tracks to go off of regarding how they ended up in those positions.


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