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Disappearance of Zebb Quinn (Jan 2, 2000)

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Something is fishy about this.

Shooting someone in the head for that reason, especially if it's not your girlfriend but a friend's, seems extreme.And pointing at someone who is now deceased...

I wouldn't be surprised if Robert is lying both about the motive and the murderer.

I agree, Manti.  I don't completely believe Owens' story.  However, it was "good enough" for the district attorney, as well as Quinn's family, to approve the plea deal.

According to the DA's full statement to the press, available here, they did not find any mortal remains of Zebb Quinn, but Owens' plea is supported by other non-circumstantial evidence.

What about that puppy in the car? Omg!


--- Quote from: Ehtnisba on October 30, 2022, 07:00:14 PM ---What about that puppy in the car? Omg!

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I know, right??


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