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Pulsed microwave weapons and the 'Havana syndrome'

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Recently I have been reading about pulsed microwaves and their weaponization. The facts on them are scarce but this article on the BBC site mentions that there was research into them in the Soviet Union as early as the 50s.

Interesting and at the same time disappointing that we still know so little. It does seem like Russia might be behind the recent incidents but the link to the DPI is probably non-existent.

But I did read on this forum that there was a military facility on Mount Chistop. Does anyone know what was done there?

The article:

I've been following this, as well.  Microwave technology for both weaponry and spying, were being developed by the 1940's in Russia.  It is an interesting parallel.

Jean Daniel Reuss:
First of all, a clear distinction must be made between infrasound (1 Hz - 16 Hz) and ultrasound (20,000 Hz - 500,000 Hz and more...).

Contrary to WAB and Donnie Eichar, I think that the power of naturally produced infrasound is not sufficient, but it would be intellectually unwise to totally exclude artificially generated infrasound and ultrasound.

Infrasound and ultrasound generators exist, or could theoretically exist, at present in more or less operational forms
or usable as sonic weapons. (This is a misnomer, as the vibrations produced are inaudible).

These sonic weapons have the characteristic (which can be considered an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the point of view) of being  in principle non-lethal by direct effect.
Thus the hypothesis of a top secret test of a prototype sonic weapon on the night of 1 February 1959 on the Kholat Syakhl could not directly or simply explain the fractured skulls and caved-in chests.

       Using ultrasound narrow directed beams are easily obtained with relatively low power for the generators.

       Using infrasound, for the same range, generators with a much higher power output have to be made (or should be designed).
On the other hand, for the military, infrasound has the advantage of penetrating the armour of all battle tanks. Thus a hypothetical infrasonic weapon could have the effectiveness of a neutron nuclear bomb while being much more economical.

•  This reinforces the possibility of the existence of top secret military research and testing of infrasonic weapons, (ultrasonic weapons are not
really secret).

It would also be necessary to suppose that the secret could have been kept since 1959, i.e. under the successive governments of Khrushchev, Brezhnev... Yeltsin, Putin....

Transported by one of the first Mil Mi-6 helicopters available in 1959 (payload: 10 tons) to the Kholat Syakhl summit, a 10 Hz infrasound generator, with a power of the order of a jet plane, should cause intolerable abdominal pain at the 800 m level of the tent, but not at the level of the cedar tree 1500 m further on.....

In the U.S. they call it the "Havana Syndrome" because it was first report by U.S> Diplomats working near downtown Havana near/in the Embassy:

Since that time it has expounded in various locations and always, it seems, among U.S. Alphabets or Diplomats in the various countries were they are working, maybe not doing nice things, perhaps.

the people directly telling their stories: although I have never heard this myself, before:

There has also been an "attack" of this sort outside the White House.  At least one person was struck by the Havana Syndrome style symptoms in a gateway, I believe, right outside of the White House.  I think that was when the US started actually taking this seriously, as opposed to ignoring the various military members who had symptoms.  There is an account by a military member of the VA ignoring his symptoms and not giving him care.  Eventually, he was able to show proof of a brain injury stemming from the incident. 


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